BenjiLock Fingerprint Deadbolt Door Lock

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  • BenjiLock Fingerprint Deadbolt Door Lock

    Forgetting your keys at home will become a thing of the past with the Benjilock Fingerprint Deadbolt Lock. Your unique fingerprint will become your key to unlocking your home. The biometric sensor is snappy enough to scan your fingerprint with a quick single touch.


    More Than One Way To Enter Your Home

    This door lock provides multiple ways of entry your home. The illuminated keypad sensor allows you to program a code into the lock. This code can be provided to users whose fingerprints are not programmed into it thus giving access to your visitors. The randomizing digital numbers will counteract the dangers of leaving touch patterns behind. Still holding onto your keys? This lock also comes equipped with a traditional lock and key.


    Simplicity Is A Tap Away 

    The intuitiveness of this lock is years ahead of a standard lock. This fingerprint sensor has the unique ability to store up to 10 fingerprints while the keypad can store up to 25 codes. Once the set up is completed, you do not have to worry about fidgeting with your WIFI settings, this lock does not need WIFI or Software to function

    • Fingerprint Deadbolt
    • 2 Keys
    • 4 AA Batteries
    • Mounting Hardware

    5.83"H x 2.56"W x 1.15"D


    Requires 4 AA Batteries (included)

    Zinc and Steel

    Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty