BenjLock Fingerprint U-Type Bike Lock

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  • Benjilock Fingerprint U-Type Bike Lock 

    • The Fingerprint U-Type makes locking your bike a breeze and one less to worry about when zipping around the city with its unique fingerprint unlocking ability. The initial fingerprint setup is so quick you'll be out the door within minutes.
    •  You can choose your way of unlocking the bike with either key or fingerprint. Lending your bike to friends? It is not a problem, with this lock's unique ability of remembering up to 10 fingerprints of different riders.
    • This lock boasts from a highly reinforced and covered shackle and the fingerprint sensor is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which last 6 months on one single charge.

  • 1 Benjilock Fingerprint U-Type Bike Lock
    2 Keys
    1 USB Charging Cable

  • IP-65 rated for Weather Resistance
    7.87 inches