CIRCUL 02-33-S-1

BodiMetrics CIRCUL Sleep & Fitness Ring


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  • BodiMetrics CIRCUL Sleep & Fitness Ring

    Do you know you can improve your sleep quality and you heart health ?

    With the BodiMetrics CIRCUL Sleep & Fitness Ring, you can understand your sleep and your heart health from insights about your deep and light sleep, how quickly you fell asleep, your heart rate etc. It captures up to 12 hours of sleep data.
    By yourself or by sharing the data with care professionals, you optimize step by step your heart health day and night and so your sleep as well.



    A non-invasive ring

    Your BodiMetrics CIRCUL Sleep & Fitness ring is medically cleared for Home Oximetry. 
    Packed with infrared LEDs and temperature sensors, they are wrapped around your finger: the most precise and convenient place to capture body measurements like heart rate, temperature, and more. 
    And as there are two adjustable sizes (small or large)
    NO sizing kit needed just select one of two adjustable sizes small or large.  Works on all fingers
    The overnight sleep tracking includes: SpO2%, HR, ODI and 4 Sleep Stages (Awake, Light, Deep and REM Sleep).
    The daytime Monitoring of SpO2 and Heart Rate for complete workout includes: running, hiking or biking




    Share your workouts and sleep records with your trainer

    The BodiMetrics CIRCUL Sleep & Fitness ring is perfect for long term or remote care patients.
    Once your ring captured your sleeping and heart datas, you can share them with health care professionals of your choice or personal trainer




    • 1 JBodiMetrics CIRCUL Sleep & Fitness Ring
    • 1 USB charger
    • 1 User Manual

  • - Comes in 2 adjustable sizes: small and large
    - Works on any finger
    - Racks blood oxygen, heart rate and sleep quality
    - Captures 4 stages of sleep (Awake, Light, Deep & REM)
    - Cleared for home oximetry overnight sleep tracking
    - Waterproof finish is suitable for outdoor use
    - deal for long-term or chronic care patients
    - Perfect for monitoring sleep apnea or heart disease
    - Patented algorithm
    - CFDA Certified

    CIRCUL 02-33-S-1