BONECO - Air Washer W200 Humidifier & Purifier

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  • BONECO - Air Washer W200 Humidifier & Purifier

    The Boneco W200 Humidifier/Air Washer purifies and humidifies the air at the same time. Perfect all year-round for people who have allergies, it's proven to remove 99% of pollen and dust mites after just 10 hours of use. 

    Simplicity and easy maintenance defines the Boneco W200. Two performance levels can be selected with a simple turn switch. To make your life easy, the water base and the evaporation elements can simply be cleaned in the dishwasher or washing machine. It is also possible to add scented oils, for those looking for a scented room. A LED display lights up when the water base is empty. The air washer then switches off automatically and can be filled with fresh water. The modern design blends into every living room or office, and customers value its exceptional performance.

    The Air Washer uses water to humidify the air. Specially textured evaporator mats turn in the water, which adds moisture to the air by evaporation. The self-regulating evaporation principle ensures the correct humidity in the room, as the air automatically draws as much moisture as is required. 

  • Main Features

    Dual Function

    This device washes and humidifies a room's air. The water serves as a natural filter that frees air of impurities (such as particles like pollen & dust).

    Easy to Clean & Use

    Most of the parts can just be placed in the dishwasher or washing machine, saving hand-scrubbing time.

    Low Power Consumption

    Environment and Pocket friendly device, here to save you from a bill nightmare.

    Humidifier Diffuser

    There is an integrated fragrance container for essential oils for additional well-being.

    Two Operations Mode

    Two operation modes for Day: which enables maximum output or Night: for quiet operation. There is also a smart automatic shut off when the tank is empty.

    • 1 x BONECO Air Washer W200
  • Mains Voltage:
    120 V / 60 Hz
    10.8 lb (4.9 kg)
    Water Capacity:
    1.2 gallons (4.5 Liter)
    Mains Voltage:
    120 V / 60 Hz
    Air Washer
    11 × 11 × 16.2 in. (280 × 280 × 412 mm)
    Humidity Output to:
    2.2 gal/day (350 g/h) at 120 V / 60 Hz
    Recommended Room Size upto:
    540 sq. ft. (50 m2) 
    Power Consumption:
    Standby: 0 W / Level 1: 14 W at 120 V / 60 Hz / Level 2: 30 W at 120 V / 60 Hz