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Boyo Vision


Boyo Vision Head-up Display for Cars, Trucks, and Vans

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Boyo Vision Head-up Display for Cars, Trucks, and Vans

Now you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the steering wheel while using your paired phone. You can also get directions and navigate to your destination, make or answer phone calls, listen to music, and even send/receive messages while driving—all while keeping your eyes straight ahead. Through innovative product design concepts, the BOYO Vision VTHUDpro Head-up Display is designed to improve the driving experience.

It can display what's on your phone via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, and your vehicle speed and RPM if you have a way to connect it to your OBD-II port. The Display itself affixes to the dashboard behind the steering wheel using the adhesive on its base. The Remote Control mounts to the steering wheel. Connect your smartphone that has either the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto app to the HUD unit via your own phone's USB cable. Turn on the unit and you're ready to go. A special Voice Assistant button activates your phone's voice assistant. For everything else, use the steering wheel remote control!


  • 15 in. virtual image size with clear, vibrant heads-up display
  • Displays actual vehicle speed and RPM display if connected to OBD-II port
  • Allows users to keep eyes up on the road rather than having to glance away
  • Uses a microphone built into the front of the HUD unit and the FM car radio as a speaker for making and receiving Bluetooth hands-free calls
  • iOS CarPlay and Android Auto (Plug and Play) compatible
  • Uses phone apps to get directions, navigate, listen to music and audiobooks
  • Allows use other apps developed for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with voice command and steering wheel remote control
  • CPU: ARM 32 bit RISC CPU with 700 MHz
  • Projected distance: 6.5 ft.
  • Screen type: Optics
  • Connects to the vehicle via OBD-II connector or cigarette lighter adapter
  • Includes remote, OBD-II cable, 12-volt power cable, cable clips, and user manual


 1.9000 POUND
 8.5000 INCH
 0.0000 AMPERE
 15.0000 INCH
 Dash Mount
 12 to 24 VOLT
 7.5000 INCH
 8.1700 INCH
 1.5000 POUND
 2.1500 INCH
 Battery is contained inside the product
 Lithium Metal