Brydge MacBook Pro Vertical Dock 13-inch MacBook

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  • Brydge MacBook Pro Vertical Dock for 13-inch MacBook

    Thanks to the Macbook Vertical Dock for 13" MacBook Pro from Bridge,  you can dock your MacBook without losing desk space. The vertical design of the metal enclosure ensures adequate airflow to your MacBook's cooling system, and a moving, suspended liner automatically aligns with your computer's ports for easy one-handed docking and undocking.

    The Brydge Vertical Dock for 13 inch is clearly designed with Macs in mind. It is  an elegant and hassle-free way to dock your MacBook, creating a more refined desktop experience.

    Easy to use

    Simply slide your MacBook into the form-fitting Vertical Dock for a seamless integration and instant connection with all of your devices, including dual display capabilities.

    Brydge MacBook Vertical Dock  15-inch MacBook / Wellbots


    Connection Capabilities

    The optimized electrical design allows the Vertical Dock to pass the connections directly from your MacBook through two Thunderbolt 2 ports at a full 40 Gbps. In other words, whatever you plug into your MacBook you can plug into the dock.

    • 1 x MacBook Vertical Dock
    • 1 x 13-inch Vertical Dock Base Plate
    • 2 x Screws
    • 1 x Screwdriver
    • 1 x Adhesive Port Protector
    • 1 x User Manual

  • Dimensions:
    8.78 x 5.79 x 4.88 inches

    3.6 lbs


    MacBook Pro 13 inch:
    • 2020 (M1, 13-inch)
    • 2020 (13-inch, 2 x TBT3 Ports)
    • 2020 (13-inch, 4 x TBT3 Ports)
    • 2019 (13-inch, 4 x TBT3 Ports)
    • 2018 (13-inch, 4 x TBT3 Ports)
    • 2017 (13-inch, 4 x TBT3 Ports)

    Connectivity Technology: Docking

    Host Interface: USB 3.0 Type C

    Total Number of USB Ports: 2

    USB Type-C: Yes

    USB Type-C Detail: Pass-through 2 x USB-C ports at a full 40Gbs

    Thunderbolt: Yes