CATALYST Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone X/XS

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  • CATALYST Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone X/XS

    The Catalyst Tempered Glass Glass is the ultimate screen protector you need for your smartphone. Compatible with the iPhone X and XS, you will be able to take your device anywhere with you. Bring it even during your craziest adventures! This protection has high standards with a glass strength of 9H hardness. This product is also shatter resistant and fingerprint free. You can be reassured, your iPhone is safe with this screen protector. The only thing more protective than this product is diamonds! It is also really easy to put in place as it comes with cleaning cloth, dust remover sticker and alcohol cleaning pad.



    • 9H Scratch Resistant
    • Fingerprint Free
    • Shatter Resistant
    • Bubble Free
    • Case Friendly
    • High Definition Clarity
    • Easy to install


  • 1x Screen Protector
    1x Alcohol cleaning pad
    1x Dust removal sticker
    1x Micro fiber cloth
  • Dimensions:
    0.53mm x 13.52mm x 6.25mm

    Compatible with Catalyst iPhone X/Xs Impact Protection Cases