Cetrix Technologies Disinfection Charging Cabinet For Tablets - 40 Bays

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  • Disinfection Charging Cabinet For Tablets

    Maintain a healthy working environment with the Disinfection Charging Cabinet by Cetrix Technologies. Designed for schools, organizations and institutions of all types, this device uses a special UV disinfection system to sanitize and secure tablets after usage. The cabinet is designed safe and durable with a a transparent door for monitoring the charging progress.

    Sanitizes your equipment by effectively removing:

    • bacteria
    • germs
    • viruses 


    UV-C Disinfection System

    Conveniently sanitizes the device cases while the devices are being charged. The built-in UV-C disinfection system removes any kind of bacteria or virus by damaging its DNA or RNA and stopping it from reproducing. Unlike chemical disinfectants, UV-C is clean, secure, and cost effective.

    Smart Charging System

    Automatically detects devices that are fully charged and disconnects them from power. The charging cabinet prolongs the battery life your devices by monitoring the power input. Additional indicator lights show you exactly the devices that are fully charged and the ones that are still charging.

    Security Lock

    Protects devices from theft. The cabinet is secured with a sturdy Push-to-Close lock on the front door and triangular lock on the side door. A specially designed interlock door system ensures all UV-C lamps are turned off when the door is opened. 

    Product Features

    • 5 minutes UV disinfection with digital timer
    • 40 bays for tablets and smartphones
    • Smart charging disconnects power to fully charged devices 
    • Safe and durable built
    • Transparent door for monitoring


    • 1 Disinfection Charging Cabinet - 40 bays
    • 1 Owner's Manual
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    47.2 x 15.7 x 22 in

    121 lb

    Output Power and Interface:
    5V / 2A ; USB

    Standard Capacity:
    40 Devices

    Compartment Size (H x W x D):
    8.3 x 16.8 x 12.5 in