Cinera Head Mount for Immersive Headset

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  • Cinera Head Mount for Immersive Headset

    Cinera Head Mount is the must-have accessory for your Cinera VR Immersive headset. Whether you are enjoying an incredible cinema experience in your couch or an FPV drone session in the wild, this head mount is the ultimate accessory you need in terms of both high technology and comfort.

    With an embedded 9-axis gyroscope, even the subtlest dip your your head is registered and responded to. You have full control of all of your camera movements which makes your drone almost an extension of yourself.

    At the same time this head mount has been ergonomically designed so that pressure is distributed evenly across your head to ease your neck. Enjoy the 4 hours of solid play time provided by a single charge without ever feeling tired!

    Wellbots Cinera Head Mount ilustration


    Wellbots Cinera Head Mount features

    You can find the user manual here

  • 1 x head mount for Cinera VR headset
    1 Year Limited Warranty

    Cinera VR Headset only