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CLMBR Connected Vertical Climbing Machine

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  • CLMBR Connected Vertical Climbing Machine

    The CLMBR combines intense cardio and strength in one low-impact workout, and promises you will burn 60% more calories than running, rowing and biking workouts. The user experience is hi-tech, with instructor-led classes you can follow on an HD touchscreen with high-def surround sound.
    It engages over 86% of body muscles and burns up to 670 calories in only 30min.

    CLMBR is the Peloton of climbing machines. It’s a sleek, well-made product that’s loaded with technology to further your fitness goals. Right off the bat, you’ll notice that the CLMBR’s design is quite different from most climbing machines. Instead of a single central mainframe, the CLMBR features a solid outer frame that offers more space to move while working out. The machine is very well-built as well with a cast and extruded aluminum construction.

    Designed for everybody

    The CLMBR is also very space-conscious, as it only requires 34 by 33 inches of floor space and eight feet of vertical. If you need to move the machine while not in use, built-in castor wheels let you do so with ease.

    Finding that perfect height and grip is easy thanks to quick-adjust handles that provide neutral, over or underhand grip positions. Resistance levels are also fully adjustable with 11 settings that range from light to tough for strengthening.

    Main features:
    - Adjustable Handles
    - Textured Foot Pedals
    - Bluetooth Enabled Tech
    - Singular Wired Connection
    - Resistance Settings
    - Caster Wheels
    - Display & Audio


    Break up with your fitness routine

    Once you’re locked in, boot up the on-board 21.5-inch touchscreen display. This will show live, instructor-led group classes, on-demand training sessions and stats for tracking your progress. Training covers non-climbing fitness too, with classes for yoga, strength training and pilates. The machine can also connect to your smartphone where you can view stats, browse classes and share your progress.


  • 1x CLMBR Connected
    1x 30 Day Free Trial Membership

  • Base Dimensions:
    35" x 32"

    88"; fits any ceiling over 8 feet

    180 lbs

    Cast + extruded aluminum

    Wired connection

    Android + Apple

    Quick adjust
    1.5" increments with 3 grip positions: over, under + neutral
    Available extender handles for users over 6'5"

    Oversized, textured; Straps optional

    Step Length:
    20 in (54 cm)

    Reach Height:
    20 in (54 cm)

    Built-in heavy-duty caster wheels

    Max User Weight:
    350 lbs (158 kg)

    Max User Height:
    7 ft (2.1336 m)

    Discrete magnetic resistance; 11 settings

    Available Consoles:
    Pure: 10.5" Touch Display
    Connected: 21.5" Touch Display
    Hinged for off-machine viewing