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CrimeStopper Universal 2-Way LCD Security & Remote-Start Combo

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CrimeStopper Universal Deluxe 2-Way LCD Security & Remote-Start Combo

Consumers Digest rated the CrimeStopper SP-502 security system a "Best Buy" in the economy selection. The CrimeStopper SP-502 is our top of the line universal remote start and security all in one system. The system comes with a rechargeable 2-way LCD remote and a 1-way 5 button remote with up to 3000 ft. of range.

Both remotes offer ARM/LOCK, DISARM/UNLOCK, TRUNK RELEASE, START/STOP & MULTI-VEHICLE operation. The security side of the system offers all the options you would be looking for including dual stage shock sensor, 120 dB siren, starter kill output and relay, multiple auxiliary outputs and much more.

Being able to remote start your vehicle from up to 3000 ft. away will be a great convenience for you whether it is the coldest day or the hottest day this system will warm or cool your vehicle as needed. The remote start can also be set up to start your vehicle every couple of hours to help reduce the risk of any of the fluids freezing up. If you have a turbo this also has the benefit of offering a turbo timer that will allow the vehicle to continue to run for a short amount of time once you reach your destination to allow the turbo time to properly cool off.

This system offers over 30 programmable options, offers the ability to be installed on either a manual or automatic transmission vehicle and the best part is, it is a completely UNIVERSAL system. What that means is that this can be installed on any vehicle (some vehicles may require extra parts).


  • One 2-way rechargeable LCD transmitter with 3,000ft range
  • One 5-button companion transmitter with 2,000ft range
  • Built-in remote start
  • Arm/lock-disarm/unlock
  • Keyless entry
  • Priority unlock feature
  • Double-pulse unlock
  • Trunk release
  • Disarm with trunk release
  • Dual 2-way data port for integration module connection
  • 3 auxiliary outputs
  • Parking lights output
  • Positive & negative door inputs
  • Auxiliary negative input (hood or trunk)
  • Starter kill option
  • Horn & siren outputs
  • Dual-stage shock sensor with adjustments
  • Code-Hopping receiver
  • Multi-vehicle functionality
  • Gas, diesel & hybrid compatibility
  • Programmable engine sense with Tach, Tachless & Hybrid modes


 9.2000 INCH
 2.9500 POUND
 6.1000 INCH
 120.0000 DECIBEL
 12 VOLT
 LCD Remote
 6.0000 INCH
 4.0000 INCH
 3.1000 POUND
 9.0000 INCH
 Silver, Black
 Battery is contained inside product
 Lithium Metal (Non Rechargeable)