Cuisinart SMB-17BS Baking sheet (17")

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  • Cuisinart SMB-17BS Baking sheet (17")

    The usefulness of a metal baking sheet is a fact agreed by both professional chefs as well as budding cooks. Bake, fry, roast - one can never say no to a loaded cheesy pizza or a creamy apple pie baked to perfection on this premium non-stick heavy-gauge steel baking sheet.

    When you got to bake you got to bake. Cuisinart Baking Sheet (17”) is easy-grip, non-stick bakeware that proves to be your loyal companion as you venture out to try a new, never-before-attempted baking challenge or set yourself up for a cookie baking challenge.  Its heavy gauge steel construction ensures an even spread of heat guaranteeing a uniform bake batch after batch of delicious goodies. Cuisinart Baking Sheet comes with a Silicone Easy-Grip handle on either side that keeps your hands safe while removing the hot plate from the oven. The premium non-stick coating makes sure all your cookies lift off the sheet with ease.


    Bake delicious soft bread or crunchy cookies, Cuisinart Baking Sheet comes with thick rolled edges, so no matter how high is the oven temperature, these edges prevent warping thus making it a durable purchase.

    Non-stick coating

    The interior and exterior of this wonderful baking sheet are non-stick coated evenly, for easy detachment of all your baked goods from the sheet and latter an easy, thorough cleaning up in the dishwasher.


    Unlike its competitions that buckle under extreme heat, Cuisinart Baking Sheet is constructed with heavy-gauge steel that not only makes it long-lasting but also guarantees even distribution of heat across the sheet thus churning out batch-after-batch of perfectly cooked goodies.

    Safe to handle

    No more oven burns or scars, thanks to Silicone Easy-Grip handles that can withstand high temperatures yet stay cool to go easy on your soft palms.


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