Danby Smart Parcel Guard Mailbox

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    • Danby Parcel Guard Mailbox

      Danby Smart Parcel Guard is the world's smartest mailbox for your home to secure all the online delivery. It protects the packages from being stolen, missing delivery or weather damages to the box.
      It allows both secure the deliveries and monitor the delivery area.
      The package will be safely put inside the anti-theft drop slot and it sends a notification to you saying that the package is safe. You can add a code to unlock the bottom door for your delivery driver to put larger boxes below.
      It fits standard parcels up to 8" x 10" x 15".

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      Being always connected
      Thanks to the Free IOS/Android Mobile Parcel Guard App you can connect from everywhere and unlock Parcel Guard, get live feeds and track all your online orders. The Smart Parcel can be easily connected to the home Wi-Fi.

      Tamper Alarm and Camera
      The built-in camera offers live video stream with sound recording to ensure the best safety. It can be activated anywhere from the app and allow you to monitor the environment. Moreover, the tamper alarm scares off pirates and other unwanted guests from the porch.
      The Smart Parcel is equipped with Motion Sensor, which use passive infrared sensors to detect motion and activate the camera.

      Stream Live Videos
      When motion is detected, the camera will automatically activate and it will record for 60 seconds. All the videos are stored on the App for 7 days and they can be seen even later.

      Real Time Notifications
      Thanks to the weight monitor, the Parcel Guard notifies to your mobile phone when a package is dropped off or picked up.
      Moreover, you get notification when motion is detected in front of the Parcel Guard or someone is trying to tamper with it.

      Ground Secure Option
      The Parcel Guard can be bolted to the ground or to the rear. On top of that, weights can be put into the bottom of the Parcel so it can be secured to the ground.

      High Quality Material
      It is made of industrial-grade, weather-proof plastic. In case of power outage, the Parcel Guard is equipped with a battery, which guarantees 3-hours power backup.

    • 1 x Parcel Guard
      1 x Backup Battery
      1 x User Manual

    • Size
      19 (L) x 12 (W) x 39 (H) In

      49 lbs

      Packages Dimensions Storage:
      Up to 8" x 10" x 15"

      Parcel Guard App - Tracking orders functions:
      It supports the following carriers:
      - Canada Post
      - USPS
      - UPS
      - Fedex
      - DHL


      Number of doors

      Number of compartments

      Assembly Required

      Installation Required


      Grey or Black

      2 years manufacturer warranty

      DPG37G (Grey)
      DPG37B (Black)