DJI RoboMaster EP Core

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  • DJI Robomaster EP Core takes learning to the next level

    What is better than hands-on fun experience when it comes to learn science, technology, engineering and math? The DJI RoboMaster EP Core is an outstanding teaching tool for students of all ages and multiple grade levels. It comes with plenty of resources, AI and programming project-base courses that aligns with curriculum standards, powerful mechanical accessories and unlimited expandability options. This robot is definitely an unrivaled educational tool!

    Main Features :
    • Introduction to Real-Life AI Implementation with AI platforms such as NVIDIA Jetson Nano and the official DJI SDK which supports more than 39 programmable sensor ports.
    • Compatibility with third-party sensors and open-source hardware such as Micro:bit, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi,but also Lego bricks and 3D printed objects.
    • High-Performance Mechanical Accessories
    • Teaching Ressources aligned with CCSS, CSTA and NGSS standards with project-based courses suitable for multiple grade levels (6th and 7th grade) covering a variety of subjects and themes across 18 lessons.
    • Access to competition database, programming guides, a mobile app, a computer app and much more. You can download material here



    Cutting-edge technologies to support classroom learning

    DJI RoboMaster EP Core is made of steel and finished with a sleek, futuristic design. It is also fully equipped with cutting-edge technologies :

    • A durable and flexible robotic arm supporting video piloting,
    • A gripper featuring convenient structural design and adjustable gripping force to firmly and reliably grasp and move objects of various shapes, weights, and sizes,
    • Four Mecanum wheels, each with 12 rollers that allow omnidirectional movement, completed by front axis suspension for added versatility during operation,
    • A high performance Servo which supports customized control abilities through the EP Core’s main control board and ensures high control accuracy,
    • Sensor Adaptors & Power Connector Modules to connect and power third-party hardware and sensors, enabling you to create custom programs and applications,
    • An intelligent controller to coordinates transmission seamlessly and execute command signals,
    • An infrared distance sensor with a measurement range of 0.1-10 meters which enables the EP Core to sense its environment and avoid obstacles,
    • And a high-performance motor with an output torque of up to 250 mN•m and linear Hall-effect sensors for added precision.



    Control and program the robot from your phone! 

    DJI RoboMaster EP Core is WiFi enabled and can easily be controlled from your phone. There are main panels in the app :  

    The app will enable you to see from your phone what the wide range camera on the robot is filming (FPV perspective). You can also use the app joysticks to easily control the robot and have it move in any direction or use the gripper to pick up an object.

    The RoboMaster App offers different battle modes:

    • Race mode: (1 player) Arrange vision markers as checkpoints and scan them as fast as possible to win the game
    • Free-for-all mode: (2 players) Battle up within the limited time and win the game
    • Conquest-mode: (multiple players) A team competition where Red and Blue teams compete to capture vision markers arranged as bases around the arena.

    In addition, there is a bigger Competition Database that gives easy-to-understand rules and instructions for a wide variety of competitions such as Search and Rescue, Air-to-Ground Cooperation or Intelligent Warehouse. This database is ideal for educators willing to get games up and running with their class quickly and efficiently, testing the learning outcomes in a fun and exciting way.

    • Road to Mastery : Learn to program and immerse yourself in the exciting world of robotics.
    • DIY Programming : Learn drag-and-drop Scratch programming to improve your skills and cretae fun new robotics programs.
    • RoboAcademy : Begin your journey in robotics with a series of fun and challenging courses.

    Note that DJI RoboMaster EP Core supports both Scratch and Python programming languages. Thus it will allow you to take your abilities to the next level, whether you are new to coding or are already on your way to becoming an expert.


    • 1 x quick start guide with step by step directions to build the robot
    • 1 x RoboMaster (in kit, to be assembled) 
    • 4 x omniwheels (in kit, to be assembled)
    • 1 x gripper (in kit, to be assembled)
    • 4 x M3508 gear motors
    • 1 x intelligent controller with antennas and inputs (phone connection/controller connection, usb cable
    • 4 x sensors
    • 1 x infrared sensor
    • 1 x DJI F2.4 120° FOV Camera
    • 1 x speaker
    • 2 x screw boxes
    • 1 x port connector
    • 1 x cable management system
    • 1 x AC power adapotor
    • Vision markers for battle mode
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    16 x 9 x 13 inches

    7.3 lbs

    Battery Life:
    85 minutes in use 

    Charging Time:
    90 minutes

    Video Transmission Range: 
    Max of 230 to 1,000 feet depending on Wi-Fi or Router connection

    The RoboMaster EP Core can be connected via WiFi or router

    Expansion Ports: 
    Apart from the PWM, SBUS, UART, and USB ports on the Intelligent Controller, the RoboMaster EP Core also provides 4 sensor adapters.

    Resolution (photos) : 2560*1440 px
    Format (photos) : JPEG
    Resolutions (videos) : 1920*1080@30fps and 1280*720@30fps.
    Format (videos) : MP4
    Max bit rate for videos: 16 Mbps
    x4 digital zoom

    Robotic Arm:
    Horizontal Movement Range: 0 to 22 cm (0 to 8.6 inches)
    Vertical Movement Range: 0 to 15 cm (0 to 5.9 inches)
    Grip Strength : 5N
    Grip Distance : 10 cm
    Max lifting capacity : 200 to 300g (0.44 to 0.66 lbs)