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  • DOGNESS programmable pet feeder

    Are you looking for an easy way to feed your cat or dog when you are away from the home?
    The Dogness programmable pet feeder is made for you!
    You can dispense a predetermined quantity of food for your pet, schedule the exact time and control precisely the portion size to ensure that they don't over eat.
    This product is available in 3 attractive colors, so you are able to find the perfect color to match your home's decor and the personality of your little one.

    Dogness Programmable Automatic Feeder | Wellbots

    Serve his dinner at the same time every night

    With your Dogness programmable Pet feeder, even when you are not around, you can maintain a regular feeding routine for your pet easily. Your dog or your cat will appreciate it and you will be happy not having to think about keeping theschedule.

    A six-liter food bin

    The 6-liter food bin allows to ensure that your pet will have enough food if you plan on leaving him home alone for an extended time.
    Indeed, it has a large enough capacity for the time you'll be gone.
    Just program your machine to dispense the amount of food your dog or cat will need for each meal and do not worry anymore about refilling it too frequently when you are away.Dogness Programmable Automatic Feeder | 6l bin | Wellbots

    A very convenient LCD panel

    With the LCD panel, you can setup portion size, feeding time and more very easily. It does not require an internet connection.
    Plus, enjoy a power-off memory function that is enables immediate restoration of the original feeding plan upon the resume of power supply

    Dogness Programmable Automatic Feeder | Wellbots

    For indoor use only. Not waterproof.

    • Main container
    • Stainless steel food bowl
    • 2 portion wheels to choose from
    • USB charger

  • Dimensions:
    378 x 234 x 363mm

    2.98 kgs

    Product capacity:

    Power adapter
    Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz 0.4A
    Output: 5V/1A