Dogtra Pheasant Launcher Remote Point & Flush Trainer

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  • Dogtra Pheasant Launcher Remote Point & Flush Trainer

    Introduce the element of total fun to your pet’s bird hunting training with Dogtra’s Pheasant Launcher Remote Point and Flush Trainer. Designed to launch Pheasant and Chukar sized game birds, it features a ventilated launcher to enhance scent distribution triggering the instinct of dogs for efficient training.

    Dogtra’s Pheasant Launcher Remote Point & Flush Trainer is the perfect aide to your pet for proper bird exposure, the basic essential for field training. Coupled with Dogtra’s RR Deluxe Electronics, the Pheasant Launcher is the ideal tool to instigate a shy dog on a bird hunt. To make every dog exceptional, Dogtra’s Pheasant Launcher is engineered with smart and intuitive controls to enhance your training journey.

    Its patented adjustable spring settings offer customized options for a controlled flight of the released Pheasant. This eliminates the chances of your naughty puppy grabbing the bird on the ground. The bird cradle conveniently fits Pheasant and Chukar-sized game birds. The vented design ensures maximum airflow for enhanced scent distribution. A perfect gift for you and your pet ahead of the hunting season. 

    Main Features

    Yet another versatile product from Dogtra, dedicated to making every dog exceptional, the Pheasant Launcher has a very sturdy construction. Its roomy bird cradle is big enough to accommodate a Pheasant or Chukar sized game bird, which triggers a natural hunting instinct in your canine.

    Dogtra’s Pheasant Launcher is equipped with unique adjustable spring settings, a patented piece of technology that gives you complete control over the exact launch time of the bird. This reduces the chances of your excited puppy grabbing on the bird on the ground level, a welcome update for enhanced training.

    The launch height can be positioned to suit your needs with this new design. If you are looking forward to a distance training session opt for a higher launch height. However, if you are planning to train your canine on scent tracing opt for a lower launch height for a quieter launch.

    A launcher with enhanced features to add the fun element with perfect control to field training, this Pheasant Launcher is compatible with Dogtra’s RR Deluxe Remote Trainer Receiver and Transmitter to give you a wholesome training experience.

    Playing on your dog’s instincts to follow scents, Dogtra’s Pheasant Launcher is well-ventilated with big holes on either side for maximum airflow. This coupled with the natural environment enhances the scent of the bird in the cradle and provides for wider scent distribution.

    The ace team – your pet and you – get ready for the upcoming game hunting season with Dogtra’s Pheasant Launcher Remote Point and Flush Trainer. Another versatile product from the house of Dogtra, dedicated to making every dog exceptional. Game hunt with your pet just got bumped up to another level thanks to this wonderfully crafted launcher.  

    • 1 x QL Bird Launcher
    • 1 x Dogtra Owner’s Manual

  • Warranty:
    1 year


    Compatible with RR Deluxe Electronics



    Launcher Size:
    Pheasant and Chukar Sized Game Birds

    Launch Height:
    Patented Adjustable Spring Settings

    13.2” x 6.9” x 6.9”