Dogtra Quail Launcher for Point and Flush Training

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  • Dogtra Pheasant Launcher Remote Point & Flush Trainer

    Treat your pet to a delightful hunting expedition with Dogtra Quail Launcher aptly designed to launch quail and barn pigeon-sized game birds. Prepare your canines for the upcoming hunting season with Dogtra’s Quail Launching for Point and Flush Training that is perfect for training multiple dogs in one go.

    Get ready for an adventurous series of hunting games with your pet and Dogtra’s Quail Launcher. Being a quick learner, your canine will master the art of game hunting with Dogtra’s Point and Flush Training kit. This launcher is perfect to fit quail or pigeon sized small birds and its adjustable spring tension offers customizable throwing height.

    Stimulating the natural hunter instincts of your canine is this perfectly designed bird dogs’ trainer which releases birds into the air even as the dog approaches nears the launcher. The well-ventilated design of the launcher ensures optimal airflow around the Quail to distribute its scent for up to ½ mile range. It is the perfect pick for a quiet launch and train technique for shy dogs. 

    Main Features

    From training a shy dog for bird hunting to upgrading your professional canine to the next level, Dogtra’s Quail Launcher is engineered for Point and Flush training. Its patented launching design makes for a quiet launch releasing the bird just as the dog approaches the launcher. A perfect buy to start your shy dog for bird hunting.

    Dogtra’s Quail Launcher Remote Dog Trainer helps improve your dog’s hunting skills. Coupled with RR Deluxe Remote Release Systems which can operate two PL launchers, this quail launcher is perfect to train multiple dogs at once. 

    Dogtra’s unique adjustable spring settings is a patented design that can be customized for launch requirements. While the lower launch position enables a quiet launch, a higher launch position is perfect for distance training.

    Designed to fit quails and barn pigeon-sized small birds and customized height control of launchers, the smart device controls the exact flight of the bird, thus eliminating its chances of getting caught on the ground by your naughty puppy. 

    Taking advantage of canine’s naturally enhanced scent tracing abilities, Dogtra’s Quail Launcher Remote Release System has a well-ventilated launcher for maximum airflow. Even your shy pet can pick up the scent through the vents in no time.

    Its maximum airflow design provides for an enhanced scent distribution making it easier for the canine to wind the bird and get ready to point and flush at the right time.

    Experience the ease of training dogs from a beginners’ session of simple point and flush to expert hunting expeditions. Its ease of operation, patented adjustable spring settings, vented launcher, and compatibility with RR Deluxe Electronics make this the most popular choice amongst professional trainers as well as enthusiastic owners in dog training.

    • 1 x QL Bird Launcher
    • 1 x Dogtra Owner’s Manual

  • Warranty:
    1 year


    Compatible with RR Deluxe Electronics



    Launcher Size:
    Quail or Barn Pigeon Sized Birds

    Launch Height:
    Patented Adjustable Spring Settings

    8.6” x 4.5” x 4.3”