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Duit Automatic Pet Cat & Dog Feeder

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  • Duit Automatic Pet Cat & Dog Feeder

    Automatic feeder that delivers the appropriate feed quantity and timing
    Feed tank that is detachable and easily cleaned. Natural gel desiccant and a sealed construction can both assist preserve the freshness of the meal. a style that complements the décor. Choose two alternative leg heights and bowl sizes to accommodate your pet's body type. Different pets require different body kinds. However, there was no "Automatic feeder" with height adjustment. Duit thus offers it first. Do not be concerned if your dogs mature. If we swap the table legs, everything will be OK. a cat that doesn't want to have his whiskers touched and prefers small bowls. a dog that requires lots of space. 
    The feeding vary depending on the size of your pet


Large spread meal : Instead fo feed thrown into a wide and large bowl, a round, moderate-sized bowl helps feed gather in one place and supplies the feed neatly as if it is put in person.

Stable table : Don't worry if the floor for the table is a little uneven. duit the table can be leveled by turning the legs.

Secure and comfortable mealtime : If the table shakes and gets pushed back during our meals, we will be stressed out. It is probably the same for pets. The silicone stoppers on the legs help keel the table from moving.

Perfect wash : Did you know that the feed bowl was ranked as the 4th most bacterial daily items by the NSF? If you can't wash it, it's much more vulnerable to hygiene.

Hygenic table : The shape of the table containing the bowl helps you to easily clean the feed powder that splashes during their meal.

Smart table : duit the table provides features with graphic like the current time, the number of feeding set, feeding history, status of the lock, lack of fed etc.

Simple and easy manual feeder : the table with manual feeding function, you can mix snacks and medicine into the feed and give extra meals to your pets for flexible feeding.

Freshness with a perfect sealing structure : For freshness of your pet's meal, the table is designed with a tight silicone sealing ring with a circular structure which is perfect for sealing, usually for an electric rice cooker.

Durable internal sealing device : duit created an internal sealing device instead of an external sealing plug to prevent it fro breaking easily. Because fo photointerrupter sensor, the silicon wings close/block the feeder opening and keep feed fresh for longer.

Peaceful meal time : Silicon holds the bowl tightly and keeps it from moving, your pets can enjoy and concentrate their meals.



Duit thetable can be feed up to six times a day. It can be set from 1 to 7p(portion) per time.



1/8 paper cups

Depending on the size and shape fo thefeed, the amount of one-time feeding may vary.

Feed less than14mmis suitable



Duit Auto feeder comes with a 1 year Manufacturer's Warranty.



Product name : duit the table

Model name : TT-1000

Power : 100-240V~, 50/60Hz, 1.7W

Food tank capacity : 10.8lb

Length of adapter : 1.5m

Net weight : 2.2kg(exclude package weight)

Material : ABS

Manufacturer : duit design lab

Table Main Body

    • 6V Adapter
    • 1 X Natural Gel Desiccant
    • 1 x Feed Tax and Bowl

  • Dimensions: 16 x 13.7 x 11 inches

    Weight:10.8 lb