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Earthwise UV ESP Air Purifier

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  • Earthwise UV ESP Air Purifier

    Earthwise UV ESP Air Purifier is a commercial-grade air purifier designed specifically for clinical environments, but easy to use and safe in any workplace or home. The product uses multiple methods to clean and disinfect the air in rooms up to 275 square feet. Three separate filtration systems are combined to address environmental elements and chemical matter, and biological pathogens found in the air. Earthwise is here to make your indoor spaces healthier and safer everyday. 

    Inbuilt Air Quality Sensor

    The purifier has an optimum air quality indicator (Air Index Indicator) that automatically measures the air quality in the room.

    Advanced Air Filtering Solution

    The air you breathe passes through 3 stages of filtering- particulate filtering, chemical filtering and biological filtering. The air at the end of 3 stages of filtering is free of dust, pollen, smoke, pathogens and other airborne pollutants with help of catalytic converters. 

    Removes Foul smell

    Removes all kinds of peculiar smells and particulates in the air like ammonia, H2S, methyl, etc. with an effective removal rate of greater than 96.2%. High efficient at removing indoor pollutants like formaldehyde, toluene, xylol, etc, with a lab-tested remove rates greater than 96.2% effectiveness.

    No Filter Replacements required

    These filtering systems do not need replacement. They can be cleaned simply by removing and washing with warm soapy water, dried, and replaced in the device periodically. 

    • 1 x Earthwise UV ESP Air Purifier
    • Model Name: 
      Earthwise UV ESP Air Purifier
    • Voltage (V): 
    • Power Supply: 
      Alternating Current
    • Wind Speed: 
      High, Medium and Silent Wind Speed Regulation
    • Power Source: 
    • Air Volume:
    • Style: 
      Air Purifier
    • Anion Density: 
      no lonizer
    • Application area: 
      15 to 15㎡ (160-275 sq ft)
    • Dimension: 
      160*275*445mm (6.3*10.8*17.5in.)
    • Installation: 
    • Benzene Removal Rate: 
    • Noise: 
    • Type: 
    • Usage Condition: 
    • Oxygen Supply: 
      Below 1L/min
    • Formaldehyde Removal Rate: 
    • Function: 
    • Power (W): 
    • Certification:
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