EcoFlow RIVER370 Portable Power Station

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  • RIVER370 : The Mobile Power Station you need

    Do you ever wonder how you will charge your speaker during your camping trip this summer? Or how you will charge your camera on board of your boat? Or even how you will be able to use electric tools on the rooftop to fix this water leak?

    Now you have the answer to all of your questions : RIVER. Compact, handy, smart and super safe, this mobile battery station is the perfect companion you can always rely on. RIVER comes with an AC wall charger and 12V car charger so it’s easy to recharge RIVER wherever you are. Going on a wild adventure? Check out the Solar Charger!

    Need an Element Proof Case to carry it? Check out the EcoFlow Element Proof Protective Case for RIVER.

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    Smart technology for a safe use

    OUTPUT REGULATION RIVER’s Battery Management System (BMS) automatically senses your devices and safely regulates its output to keep you, RIVER, and your devices safe.

    THERMAL REGULATION RIVER’s advanced thermal management means you can use RIVER in conditions from -4 to 140 Fahrenheit; if RIVER gets outside of this operating range, it will safely and automatically turn itself off.

    Charge Times

    Should you be near the grid, in a car or under the sun, never run out of power! Solar Panels are available here.

    Wellbots eco flow river what it powers


    Can I carry RIVER onto a flight?

    No, you cannot as the FAA limits batteries over 160Wh from riding on planes. RIVER can be easily transported or shipped via car, train, boat, bus, bicycle, etc.

    Can I replace RIVER’s battery?

    RIVER is conservatively labeled to last 500 cycles (meaning it will recharge to 100% for 500 times). After the 500 cycles, you can continue to use RIVER, however its total recharge capacity will be slightly lower. After 1,000 cycles, RIVER’s battery will decrease to 80% charge capacity. This is standard across lithium ion battery products.

    Simply contact an EcoFlow Tech Service Center to replace the battery over its lifetime.

    Can I chain RIVER together to double the output?

    You can chain several RIVER together, but the output will stay constant per unit at 500W (200W DC + 300W AC).

    Can I jump start as car with RIVER?

    No, unfortunately the level of power that RIVER is capable of supplying is lower than the peak surge required to jump start a car. Stay tuned for more products to come!

    Does RIVER have a built in charge controller?

    Yes, RIVER has a built-in charge controller that allows a DC input range of 10V-22V.

    What's in the box?

    Wellbots eco flow river what is in the box

    User Manual

    Should you need more information you can read the user manual here.

  • 1 x River370 Mobile Power Station
    1 x Wall Charger
    1 x Car Charger
    1 x Type-C Cable
    1 x DC Cable
    1 x DC Tips
    18-Month Warranty

    11 lbs

    9.8 x 6.3 x 8.2 in (25 x 16 x 20.8 cm)

    Lithium-Ion Battery

    6 hours (regular grid), 10-15 hours (solar panels), 9 hours (car)

    500 Cycles (depleted to 70% of original capacity)

    One (1) year after full charge

    412Wh?114000mAh at 3.6V)

    500W (300AC, 200 DC)

    11 Independent Outputs -- AC (2), USB (4), Type-C USB (2), DC (2), Car Charger (1) Recharge: Wall Charger (AC), Car charger (12V), Solar Charger (not included)

    Laptop, Tablet, DSLR Camera, Light, Drone, Phone, Mini-Fridge

    Coffee Maker, Full Refrigerator, Hair-Dryer, Heater, Water Pump

    CE, FCC, RoHS, UN38.3



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