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ECOVACS DEEBOT 900 Robot Vacuum

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  • ECOVACS DEEBOT 900 Robot Vacuum

    Equipped with the third-generation navigation technology from the ECOVACS stable, the DEEBOT 900 brings intelligent and affordable laser navigation functionality to the world. It's compatible with the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant as a robotic addition to your Smart Home. The App controlled robot vacuum is first-to-market its virtual boundaries feature, scheduling, and focused cleaning. The DEEBOT 900 easily works with hard floors as well as carpets.

    Scan and map your entire floor

    The Smart Navi Mapping and Navigation Technology is what allows the DEEBOT 900 to map your entire living space to cover all available spaces. The visual map in the ECOVACS App, allows you to place virtual boundaries to assign precise and required cleaning as per your preference. With the App you can choose the cleaning modes and assign cleaning areas to find the best action to clean your home. 

    Smart Cleaning Path

    After the DEEBOT 900 has mapped your house it will devise action plans to clean you house more efficiently and systematically.


    Interchangable inlet system

    The suction inlet is perfect for hair and animal fur-based cleaning with its helix design main brush which provides a deep cleaning especially for the carpet areas in your house.


    Virtual Boundaries to block areas

    The Ecovacs app along with the mapping feature, allows you to create virtual boundaries that will restrict access to certain areas in your house. Thus preventing the robot vacuum from wandering off into areas you would not want it to go. You can also Prioritize areas for cleaning as per your preferred cleaning mode.


    Quite cleaning without no noise

    It can be very annoying to have loud vacuums disturb your sleep. The DEebot 900 has a lower level of nosie than most vacuum robots and vacuum cleaners allowing to enjoy you sleep.


    Over the Air updates

    The DEEBOT 900 boasts Over the Air (OTA) updates for the most recent improvements to keep your smart vacuum be at its absolute best while performing tasks. The Ecovacs Apps can remind and allow you to choose when to update the robot.


    Google Home and Amazon Alexa compatible

    The DEEBOT 900 can be controlled using the Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices. You just need to Link your smart home syatem to your Deebot using the Ecovacs App and give it directions on how to clean, assign areas and schedule cleaning sessions. You can control the DEEBOT from anywhere you like so as to schedule, monitor status, and start cleaning new sessions with the easy-to-use app.

    Product Manual:This product comes with 1 Year Manufacturer warranty. Click here for Manual

  • ECOVACS ROBOTICS Introducing DEEBOT OZMO 900 01:11
    With our latest third generation navigation technology, the DEEBOT 900 brings intelligent mapping functionality to everyone. With both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant integration, this robotic vacuum is a powerful addition to your Smart Home. And our app comes with our first-to-market virtual boundaries, scheduling, and focused cleaning. - Smart Navi Mapping and Navigation Technology - Virtual Boundary - Area mode - Custom mode - Interchangeable Suction Inlet

  • 1 x ECOVACS DEEBOT 900 Robot Vacuum
    1 x Filter
    1 x Docking station
    4 x Side brush

    1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Product Name:
    Ecovacs Deebot 900 Robot Vacuum

    1 Year

    0.8 Amp

    Battery Life:
    100 mins

    Battery Type:


    Filter type:

    Floor Care Feature:
    Low battery Indicator, Motion Sensing

    Included Accessories:
    Charger, Filter, Floor Brush

    Number of Batteries Required:

    Power Option:

    Remote Access:

    Requires hub?:

    Safe for use on:
    Bare Floor, Carpet, Laminate,Tile, Vinyl, Wood

    Smart Home:
    Smart Home enabled

    Voice Control Hub required:
    No hub required for voice control

    Works with:
    Amazon Alexa, Goolge Assisstant

    Smart home protocol:

    7.7 lb

    13.2 in

    3.7 in

    13.2 in