ECOVACS Winbot 880 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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  • ECOVACS Winbot 880 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

    Winbot 880 is a self-cleaning robot window cleaner that is now equipped with an optimized navigation system in order to thoroughly clean every inch of your windows! Featuring a 4-stage cleaning process that goes over one single area four times, your windows will be as clean as ever! To protect your home, Winbot 880 has multiple safety features such as a 2800pa suction power, 30-minute backup battery for power failure, and a safety tether.

    ECOVACS Winbot 880 Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Wellbots

    New Navigation Technology

    "WIN-SLAM™ 2.0 Technology -WIN-SLAM is the new path planning technology integrated in Winbot880. It easily guides the robot to a clea, fast and economical path to ensure its full efficiency. The robot is clearly intelligent and chooses the best path to travel accross your windows and avoid obstacles. It will then return to where it started cleaning, for convenient removal.

    ECOVACS Winbot 880 Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Wellbots

    Main Features

    Four-Stage Cleaning - Thanks to its strong 5-layer decontamination pad and high-elastic squeegees, WINBOT 880 is capable of cleaning and passing over a single area four times in order to provide a thorough and perfect cleaning to your windows.

    Advanced Edge Detection Technology - With advanced optocoupler sensors, WINBOT 880 can identify the edges of glasses and change the cleaning path without bumping or falling, on surfaces with and without frames.

    Multiple Safety Systems- WINBOT has a 2800pa suction power to ensure the robot is firmly attached to the glass, a 30-minute backup battery in case of a power failure, and a high elastic rope + load-bearing suction cup to ensure a safe cleaning.

    User-Friendly Interactive System With voice reporting - WINBOT will broadcast real-time cleaning statuses and warn of abnormal conditions. The easy-to-use remote control allows the user to start/stop, use the directional buttons, and spot clean a specific area.

    ECOVACS Winbot 880 Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Wellbots

    • 1 x Winbot 880
    • 1 x Remote Control
    • 1 x Power Adapter
    • 1 x Safety Tether
    • 1 x Extension Cord
    • 1 x Safety Pod
    • 3 x Cleaning Pads
    • 1 x Finishing Cloth
    • 1 x Cleaning Solution
    • 1 User Manual
  • Warranty

    Cleaning Technology
    WIN-SLAM™ 2.0 Technology

    Cleaning system
    4 stage cleaning

    2800pa Suction PowerSafety Tether

    Backup battery
    Yes - 30 min

    Edge Detection

    Auto Return to starting position

    Remote Control

    Voice Reporting

    Self Cleaning


    Extension Cord
    Yes - 59-Inch

    9.7 x 9.7 x 4.5in

    1.8 lbs.

    Frame Type
    Framed & Framless

    Robot Working Voltage

    Adapter Input Data:
    100-240V AC ,50/ 60 HZ