Eufy HomeVac S11 Go Handstick vacuum

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  • Meet the HomeVac S11 Go

    Are you ready to take cleaning to the next level? The Eufy HomeVac S11 Go Handstick vacuum is here for you! Cleannyn never was so easy, until now but the HomeVac S11 Go with its new technology will allow you to move with freedom but also clean with style.

    - Effortless Handling
    - Cleans Deeper
    - Versatile Modes
    - Tools For Every Task

    The advanced motor and the Dual-vortex technology will make it super-efficient. Activate the max-mode and utilize all 120AW for up to 8 minutes. The new HomeVac S11 Go cordless design allows it to go anywhere even around furniture, and it will clean deeper thanks to its 120AW suction power, no trash can resist!



    The Cleaner with Style and more! 

    Use, and explore all the tools that Eufy HomeVac S11 Go Handstick vacuum has for you whether it be! S11 Go will race all space or a delicate surface. 5 ultra-versatile attachments that can be used in any cleaning scenario. To empty the vacuum you don't need to struggle because is very easy, just tap and dispense. Detach and empty the dustbin in seconds.

    We know that clean the filter after a long time could be hard but with the HomeVac S11 Go the filter is washable at the sink, minimal maintenance, and improved performance, the Perfect Handstick vacuum.


    The 5 filters will optimize the cleaning; High-performance filter, Hig density sponge, Second cyclone filter, Net filter, and Firtscyclone filter.
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    • HomeVac S11 Go
    • Wall mounting accessories
    • Floor brush
    • AC charger
    • Metal hose
    • 2-in-1 crevice tool
    • Mini-Motorized brush
    • Extension hose
    • Warranty
  • Colors available:

    Runtime max mode:

    Runtime standard mode:

    Max suction power:
    120AW/20kpa 33AW/12kpa 15AW/7kpa

    Dust collector capacity:

    Battery capacity:
    250mAh 63Wh

    Cleaner head:
    Motorized Roller Brush with LED headlight

    49.21 x 10.24 x 8.66 inches

    6.61 pounds

    Black: T2501Z13
    White: T2501Z23 

    Black: 194644020293
    White: 194644018849