Flame Genie Inferno Wood Pellet Fire Pit

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Flame Genie FG-19-SS Flame Genie INFERNO Wood Pellet Fire Pit

If you love camping and evening fire then you got yourself a treat. This Flame Genie INFERNO Wood Pellet Fire Pit will give you a clean, smokeless fire that's good for the environment too. 

This unique fire pit produces a maximum enjoyable flame while utilizing a gravitational afterburner system, which minimizes smoke, so you can enjoy it for hours on end. Flame Genie INFERNO even burns clean using easy-to-handle wood pellets that produce minimal ash, making cleanup a breeze!


  • Produces a larger flame, more heat & longer burn times
  • Gravitational afterburner system minimizes smoke
  • Burns clean & easy-to-handle wood pellets, producing minimal ash
  • Requires little cleanup
  • Stainless Steel

Save your effort from starting a fire and enjoy more time with your family and friends around the fire pit with the warm glow of a clean pellet burning. Unlike firewood, wood pellets can be transported across state lines, leaves you with less ash to clean and easy to lit up anytime, anywhere.


Weight: 28.6 lbs

Dimension: 19 x 19 x 16.25 in.

Material: Stainless Steel