Fortin All-In-One Remote Start, Security & Data Interface

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Fortin All-In-One Remote Start, Security & Data Interface

The Fortin EVO-ONE is the smallest ultra-powerful, all-in-one bypass, door lock, security system, and remote start interface. This state-of-the-art unit is setting the bar high when it comes to remote start, security, and data interface.

It’s compatible with all EVO-ALL T-Harness and provides new broad access to  High Power T-Harnesses. Installing it has become a lot simpler and easier. How it works is that the EVO-ONE system has a digital interface module that allows it to bypass your vehicle’s immobilizer circuits so then, you can start your vehicle remotely, without a key.

Now you can conveniently remote start your vehicle conveniently. Winter and the car are sitting in the snow? Preheat your car to save you time and effort. Summer with scorching heat? Precool your car so that you can cool down immediately after climbing in.

This is the key to your convenience and comfort.


Brand: Fortin

Item model number: ‎EVO-ONE

Item Weight: ‎15.8 ounces

Product Dimensions: ‎6.2 x 6.1 x 2.8 inches

Weight: ‎3.25 Kilograms

5 x High power Onboard relay.

3 x CAN-Bus controllers.

3 x General purpose controllers (J1850, LIN, Class 2, encrypted key etc.).

1 x On-board relay (DPDT).

1 x Analog controller 0-12VDC @ 20mV steps (Passlock, Parking lights, MUX).

10 x Data I/O controllers.

1 x Dual-zone shock sensor input.

2 x Datalink RS232 ports. [2]


1 x EVO-ONE control module

1 x Warning label

1 x Hood Pin switch

1 x 20 Pin general purpose harness

1 x 6 Pin High Power Harness

1x 5-pin CAN-Bus harness

1x 6-pin Relay harness