Garmin Approach Z80 Golf 6x Laser Range Finder

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  • Garmin Approach Z80 Golf 6x Laser Range Finder - Image stabilized - IPX7 Waterproof

    Be ready to play golf like never before! The Garmin Approach Z80 will give you the most accurate distance measurements. It is impressive and can work from 10" to the pin, up to 350 yards (320 meters). It has 41,000 preloaded maps from all around the world so you can see the game through another point of view. This golf laser range finder features a full-color Course View and Green View in 2D. You will be able to get the distances both from the front and the back of the green. Once the laser is activated, it will give you both the exact distance to the flag, within 10", as well as the potential hazards. Even better, the Garmin Approach Z80 can guess which hole you are playing to provide you with all the information you need. This way, you will be able to play like a real pro!

    Garmin Approach Z80 Golf 6x

    See the game like a pro

    The Garmin Approach Z80 features image stabilization. It has never been easier to find the flag. The flag finder will automatically identify and lock the flag. After being locked, you will see the distance from the front to the back of the green. The range finder will also show the hole at a 6-times magnification. With the PlaysLike Distance feature you will know when to use uphill and downhill shots. If you prefer, you can also switch off the PlaysLike Distance feature. Don't miss any more information! With this golf lazer range finder, you will have everything to be the best!