GARMIN Edge 520 Plus Mountain Bike Bundle

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  • GARMIN Edge 520 Plus Mountain Bike Bundle

    The new GPS Bike Computer from Garmin will be your best companion during your next cycling adventures. With a preloaded Cycle Map, the Garmin Edge 520 Plus takes navigation to a whole new level. It features turn-by-turn navigation and will indicate you the right direction if you ever deviate from your road. You can stay connected at all time with a compatible smartphone. You will get smart notifications, and can have riders' alert thanks to rider-to-rider messaging. You will also be able to send pre-written messages to other riders if you ever need assistance. With the Mountain Bike Bundle, you will get the Mountain Bike Mount, a Silicone case, and the Edge remote to keep your hands on the handlebars while still using the Edge.

    Personalize your device

    You can customize your device as you like thanks to the Connect IQ store. From there, you can download many apps, widgets and data fields to get all your best stats available on screen. For instance, the Best Bike Split app will allow you to improve your split and get the best plan for you. Another useful app is Trailforks, which gives you the best offline trails to use when you go out for a ride. The Garmin Edge 520 Plus can last up to 15 hours, so you won't have to worry about the battery of your GPS while cycling.

    Get the best performance monitor

    The Garmin Edge 520 Plus works with ANT+ technology sensors (sold as the Garmin Edge 520 Plus Sensors Bundle). This includes both speed and cadence, as well as heart rate. If can also work with ANT+ power meters. You can also have a huge range of physiological data to monitor your performance and improve your score. All you need to do is add a heart rate strap. You will be able to check all the cycling-specific VO2 max and post-ride analysis. Even better, get preloaded Strava Live Segments to push your limits by competing against your own PR and those of your friends.