Garmin Panoptix™ PS31 Real Time Sonar Imaging

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Transducers are the eyes and ears of your fish-finding expedition and the Garmin PanoptixT™ PS31 is a boon to the fishermen. As sonar technology continues to evolve, get a real-world 3-D view of the fish swimming, the depth of the ocean, and the bottom of the boat with two fantastic views of the Garmin PanoptixTM PS31, theLiveVü Forward, and theRealVü 3-D Forward.

TheLiveVü Forward updates the entire view with a single ping and provides real-time moving sonar images that resemble a ‘live video’. It is very exciting to see fish swimming toward or away from the boat, the small baitfish and the large target fish as well as the lure as you reel it in.

TheRealVü 3-D Forward updates a slice of the 3-D volume with each ping and takes 1-4 seconds to update the entire volume. A never-before fishing experience is assured with our Garmin Panoptix™ PS31 transducer.


Frequency: 417 kHz

Power: 144 W

Beamwidth: 120°x60° Max

Maximum depth: 300 ft. down, 300 ft forward

Depth/Speed/Temperature: Depth

Number of pins: Ethernet

Cable length: Power Cable: 15 ft.; Ethernet Cable: 30 ft.

Supported deadrise/ Transom angles: 0-70° transom


1x PS31 forward-looking transducer (integrated 30 ft network cable, 15 ft power cable)

1x Trolling motor mount

1x Transom mount

1x Split ring RJ45 connector

1x Documentation