Garmin TruSwing Golf Swing Sensor

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Garmin TruSwing Golf Swing Sensor

Get your swing in gear

Garmin's TruSwing golf swing sensor might not take the place of a real-life golf pro walking you through the steps of your swing, but it's darn close. This compact, unobtrusive device clamps onto your club and takes precise measurements of every aspect of your swing, from wrist-path and swing tempo to critical club angles. You can then review the results in depth online at home, or use your smartphone for a quick evaluation right on the course. Once you see your metrics, you can share them with your friends and get tips for better results.

Small yet powerful

The TruSwing sensor measures less than 2.5" long and weighs under an ounce. It comes with a simple clamp which secures it right below your club's grip. Its rechargable lithium-ion battery gives it up to 12 hours of life per charge. Bluetooth® Low Energy allows it to communicate wirelessly with your smartphone. And you can play in inclement weather without fear as the TruSwing is waterpoof.

Measure your mechanics

The TruSwing tracks several important aspects of your swing:

  • Swing tempo: the ratio of backswing to downswing time. Most professionals agree that 3.0 is the ideal swing tempo.
  • Swing speed: the speed of the club head when it strikes the ball.
  • Club path: the measurement of your club's horizontal motion in relation to the target line as it strikes the ball. This determines if you've hit the ball in-to-out or out-to-in.
  • Face-to-target:the angle you open or close the clubface, compared to the target line at the point of impact.
  • Dynamic loft: the loft angle of the selected club plus or minus the club offset created by the shaft lean and clubface angle at the point of impact.
  • Shaft angle: the angle between the shaft and the ground as measured from the center of the shaft. This is measured at address and again at impact, and you want these measurements to be as close as possible.
  • Shaft lean: the forward or backward angle you are holding the club when hitting the ball, measured from a 90º vertical angle. This is measured at address and again at impact.

Garmin Connect shows you the way

The Garmin Connect online platform is where the TruSwing's data comes together. Once you've set up your free account, you're ready to go deep. You can upload and analyze your results — even compare them to your previous practice session. Analysis allows you to identify exactly where you can make changes in your swing, and the predicted results.

The Garmin Connect Mobile smartphone app helps you right out on the course, with real-time, 3-D swing animations on your phone's screen. It can even compare two different swings, overlaid on each other, for instant feedback.

Works with several Garmin golf devices

Use the TruSwing with select members of Garmin's Approach family of GPS golf watches and handhelds for convenient data viewing while on the course without your smartphone. The TruSwing works uniquely with the Garmin Approach S6 golf watch to provide addditional wrist-path data for your swing. You'll see the results displayed in the 3-D animation on Garmin Connect Mobile, giving you an idea of how your wrist travels in relation to the club path during the swing.