Gemini Flagship Home Theater with Party Lights System


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Gemini GSYS-4000 Flagship Home Theater with Party Lights System

The Gemini GSYS-4000 will take your parties to a whole new level. You have the complete Home Theater Party speaker System bringing powerful 4000 Watt Capacity from Dual 12" LED Woofers and two 4" Tweeters. It comes with a DJ-style interface dor intuitive control.

The lighting ranges from a bright pure white to a multicolored rainbow effect. This system features 2 in. by 12 in. woofers and 2 in. by 4 in. drivers that club-level sound quality. It features a microphone input with separate volume control, bass and treble EQ adjustments, and a range of input options including Bluetooth, FM radio, and an integrated media player to play from USB and SD Cards.


  • Home party system with dual 12 in. woofers and 2 in. by 4 in. drivers
  • Built-in multi-color LED woofers
  • Built-in media player features Bluetooth, FM radio, USB, and SD playback
  • Microphone/Guitar input with volume, bass, treble, and EQ controls.


Peak Power: 4000 W

Bluetooth Remote Control: Yes

Port Type: USB, SD Card 

Connectivity: Bluetooth, FM Radio

Weight: 53 lb 

Mic and Guitar input with separate controls