Gemini Portable Audio Bluetooth PA System - Two 10" Woofer Speakers and Microphone

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Recreate the magic of a rock music concert with Gemini’s ES-210MXBLU. At 44lbs and fitted with an easy-to-carry top and side handles, this 600W peak with 150W RMS Class D built-in amp is perfect for your DJ gig. Its’ handy 48V microphone with Phantom power will have the crowd grooving non-stop to your beats.

Peak: 600 W - Port Type: USB, SD Card – Connectivity: Bluetooth, FM Radio – Extras: 48V Phantom Power Microphone - Weight: 44 pounds – 8-Channel Powered Mixer – Effects: Individual Bass, Treble – Inputs: 4 Line/Mic – Cabinet: ABS Impact Resistant Nylon Fiber.