Geneinno T1 Pro Underwater Drone

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  • Geneinno T1 Pro Underwater Drone

    Share photos of your scuba diving sessions, your underwater artsy pictures and videos or simply capture your best moments in the water with Geneinno T1 Pro Underwater Drone. This state-of-the-art drone can dive up to 574 ft and 4 hours (8 hours with the extra battery), giving you plenty of time to explore the ocean. Geneinno T1 Pro's technology is a real game changer as it comes with a 4K camera equipped with a 160° angle lens that can take images in 12MP and videos in 4K resolution while a 3000 lumen LED which can be go up to 9000 lumen with an extra light (not included) enable you to enjoy every detail and color, and capture a totally new world. 

    More than an underwater drone

    Various extensions such as a sonar to detect targets beyond scope of sight or a water quality sensor to measure key metrics such as pH and ammonia nitrogen among others can be added so that you can use your drone in different scenarios from underwater exploration to aquaculture. 

    Better maneuvaribility and a user-friendly drone

    Geneinno T1 Pro supports a lateral thruster which offers a smooth and precise swim on the left or on the right in a horizontal way. T1 Pro can tilt up or down up to 60° to take images and videos of the underwater footage.
    The upgraded robotic arm performs stable with T1 Pro and can do sampling or exploration work as there are different claws kits with it. 

  • • 1 x Geneinno T1 Pro Underwater Drone
    • 1 x Tether (150/200M)
    • 1 x Wireless Transmitter
    • 1 x Tablet
    • 1 x Charger
    • 1 x Red and Purple color Filter
    • 2 x Balancing Weight Modules
    • 1 x Hardshell Case (Luggage)
    • 1 x User manual

  • Warranty : 
    6-month manufacturer warranty



    14.96 '' x 13.70 '' x 6.61''

    11 lbs

    Maximum Depth:
    574ft / 175m

    Operating Temperature:
    -10° C ~ 50° C / 14 - 122º F

    Max Speed:
    6.8 ft/s (2 m/s)

    Flow Resistance:
    4kn 2m/s

    Battery Capacity:
    9000 mAh / 97.2 Wh

    Max. Dive Time:
    4 hours (8 hours with extra battery)

    Charging Time:
    3 hours

    Max Tilt Angle:
    +/- 60° 

    Extension Interface:


    1/2.3'' SONY CMOS



    Shutter Speed:

    Still Image Size:
    4000 x 3000 - 12MP

    Photo Format:
    JPEG / RAW / DNG

    Video Resolution:
    4K: 4000 x 3000 - 30 fps
    FHD: 1920 x 1080 - 60 fps

    Live Streaming Resolution:
    480 / 720 / 1080p

    Max. Video Bitrate:
    2 Mbps (Live) / 12 Mbps (Video)

    Video Format:
    MP4 (MPEG-4 H264/H265)

    128 GB

    Recording Time:
    4~8 hours

    Lens anti-shake:
    EIS Anti Shake


    Depth Sensor Precision:
    +/- 0.05m

    Temperature Sensor:
    +/-0.5° C

    6 axis gyro & accelerometer + 3 axis Compass


    Live Stream:

    Operating Systems:
    iOS 9.0+ / Android 5.0+


    Underwater Gripper: 1 DOF (Multi-function claw kit)
    Omni Scan Sonar - compatible with third-party sonar
    Lateral Thruster
    External Battery with LED
    External Camera
    Water quality detector
    Laser Scaler
    Industrial ROV Flightcase
    Geneinno Accessory Flightcase

    150m Tether Version: 850008168178
    200m Tether Version: 850008168185

    150m Tether Version: T1-1-150BL
    200m Tether Version: T1-1-200BL