HAMILTON BUHL 3X3D Magic Pen - Multi-Filament

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  • HAMILTON BUHL 3X3D Magic Pen™ - Multi-Filament

    The 3X3D Magic Pen is the next generation of 3D printing pen. With 3D Multi-Filament, this pen can hold 3 different filaments at the same time. Even better, your kid will be able to create your own colors as this pen can produce up to 7 different colors combinations. He won't even have to change the filaments. The Hamilton Buhl Magic Pen is safe and easy to use. All you have to do is plug in the pen and wait a few minutes so it reaches the perfect temperature. Once this is done, your kid can let his creativity take over and bring his best ideas to life! The self-feeding motor advances the filament on its own.

    STEAM Education

    This is one of the best smart toy you can find. It goes in line with STEAM education, as students can explore their imagination and learn how to improve their 3D objects along the way. This tool fosters creative thinking, help kids develop their cognitive skills as well as their problem solving skills. Overall, this is not only a smart toy but a real tool to stimulate learning.

    3X3D Magic Pen™ features:

    • Easy-grip design
    • Ceramic nozzle for safe use
    • Self-feeding motor
    • Adjustable feed speed
    • 3 vibrant filament colors
    • Plug and play simplicity
  • 3X3D Magic Pen | 3D Pen in Action! 03:44
    Watch the 3X3D Magic Pen in action. Putting the A in STEAM education. The 3X3D Magic Pen can hold up to 3 filaments at once, producing 7 color combinations! Beyond bringing imagination to life, students can put engineering concepts into practice, building bridges structures, or anything else! Learn more about the 3X3D Magic Pen: https://bit.ly/2OpAIsp Find STEM / STEAM education product videos, all designed for the K-12 environment: https://bit.ly/2OHtAM2 Music: https://www.bensound.com

  • - 3x3D Magic Pen
    - 3x Vibrant Filament Colors
    - 1 Year Warranty
  • Weight:
    0.85 lbs.

    8.1 x 5 x 2.8 in

    3 filaments colors at the same time

    Self-feeding to advance filaments

    Feed speed:

    Nozzle Diameter:

    Power Supply:
    AC/DC Adapter


    Input Voltage:
    100-240V, 50-60Hz

    Filament types for use with the pen:
    ABS or PLA

    Filament Diameter:

    Filament operating adjustable temperature:
    338-446°F for ABS (PLA filaments not supplied)

    1 Year