HAYWARD Trivac 500 Pressure Cleaner

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  • HAYWARD TriVac 500 Pressure Cleaner

    The TriVac 500 pool cleaner features the patented AquaDrive water-jet propulsion technology, which makes the cleaning very powerful and efficient. It can clean you swimming pool so well you will get rid off all the dirt. It can meticulously operate on the swimming pool floor, walls and coves. It will quick so fast thanks to the short-back up sequence that you won't even notice the TriVac 500 is doing its job. This Hayward pool cleaner also has a three high-pressure venturi-jet action with a huge vacuum inlet taking all the debris that remain in the swimming pool. You will be left with a crystal clear water.

    Spend less time on cleaning, more on relaxing

    The TriVac 500 Pressure Cleaner comes with an extra-large debris bag to ensure you get a total clean. It will work for a long period without needing to be emptied. The maintenance is so easy you won't be bothered. All you will have to do is remove the unique float at the top of the pool cleaner and rinse it with the help of a garden hose.

  • 1x Trivac 500
    1x Main hose section
    1x Cleaner connector hose and sweep tail
  • Pool Coverage:
    Floor, Walls and Covers

    Max Pool Size*:
    20' x 40'

    Debris Bag Capacity:
    6 Quarts

    Cleaning Path Width:

    Suction Intake Diameter:

    Venturi Jets:

    Hose Length:

    Drive and Back-up System:
    AquaDrive® Technology

    Average Back-up Frequency:
    60-75 seconds

    Average Back-up Time:
    5-10 seconds

    Cleaning to Back-up Ratio:

    Optimal Working Pressure:
    23 PSI

    1 year Limited (parts only)