Hobot Legee 669 Vacuum-Mop Robot

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  • Hobot Legee 669 Vacuum-Mop Robot

    After having successfully developed several generations of window cleaning robots (Winbot-68, HOBOT-168, HOBOT-198 and HOBOT-288) and the Legee 668, Hobot is launching the latest model- LEGEE 669 Vacuum-Mop Robot which includes an exclusive patent license: FastBrush with 4-stage cleaning.

    Main features

    • FastBrush 4 Stage Technology : Vacuum, Dry Mopping, Spray Water and finally Wet Mopping
    • Legee Smart Navigation technology (made possibles by lasers, an encoder, a gyro, an e-compass and the position estimation ability)
    • 4 Cleaning Mode : Auto, Parallel, Wall-Follow and Spot
    • Aplicable on multiple types of floor : tile, wooden, laminate, marble, glass, tatami
    • Corner cleaning ablity ensured by long side brushes and a D-shaped design
    • Efficient 600# Screen Filter and HEPA filter for a clean environment without clogging or loss of suction
    • Laser Cliff Sensor : don't be worry to use the robot updstairs.
    • Automatic return to charging station
    • Caterpillar design for no slipping
    • Wiping speed of 10 times/sec

    Deep Cleaning

    With Hobot LEGEE 669, get you floor sparkling clean without moving a finger. The patented FastBrush 4-stage cleaning will eliminate fine ash, dust, hair, tea and coffee stains, footprints, crumbs, nails anf so on. This efficient processed is composed of 4 steps :

    1. First the powerful vacuum suck fine dust and hair. The 600# screen filter ensures there is not loss of suction, no clogging and the HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter traps the finest dust.
    2. The front cleaning cloth wipes the stubborn dust off the floor.
    3. Then LEGEE sprays water in micro dropson the floor to dissolve stains. The quantity of sprayed water is automatically adjusted depending on the room temperature.
    4. Finally the rear cleaning cloth absorbs moisture, scrubs melted stains off the floor and polishes the floor. Compared to other brands, the mopping area is much larger and the mopping cloth is much thicker to be wrinkle-free and leave the floor brighter. The caterpillar belt design also helps the robot not slipping and avoids residual water after mopping.

    Regarding corners, under furniture and along walls cleaning, Hobot LEGEE 669 is super efficient thanks to the D - shaped design and the long side brush.

    Smart Technology

    Hobot LEGEE 669 features a lot of smart technology in order to provide you with the best cleaning. Depending on your need you can choose between 4 different cleaning modes : Auto, Parallel, Wall-Follow or Spot.

    Those 4 cleaning mode are made by possible by the nagivation system which is an exclusive patented technology developed especially for LEGEE 669. The system includes a lot of sensors to clean around your furniture without damaging them. Also the robot will not fall down the stairs thanks to the Laser Cliff Sensor.

    The robot is not affected by floor color and can operate on various floor types : tile, wooden, laminate, marble, glass or tatami.

    User friendly device

    This robot is really easy to use for the whole family. It is operated by a remote control so you don't need a smartphone.

    You do not have to care about the battery. LEGEE 669 will automatically go back the charging station when needed and on charge is enough to clean 1600 square feet at once in 80 minutes.

    The included water bottle which shape was inspired by hummingbirds enables you to easily refill the water tank.

    The two cleaning cloths are large, 7mm thick,reusable and easy to clean.

    The side brush does not require a tool to be changed, you can do it with only one hand.

    Did you know?

    LEGEE 669 uses only 320mL to clean 1600 square feets. When mopping manually we usually use 5 to 10 L of water!

    LEGEE 669 has a power switch to save energy.

    No more excuses, go green!

  • * LEGEE-669 Vacuum Mop-Robot 4 in 1
    * AC Adapter
    * Charging base
    * Remote control
    * Side brush (3 pcs)
    * HEPA filter (3 pcs)
    * Cleaning cloths (3 pack)
    * Spray Nozzles (4 pcs)
    * Bottle
    1 Year Limited Warranty

    FastBrush 4-Stage Cleaning Hair free, Dust free

    Optimized AUTO Cleaning Mode in larger spaces

    Working time:
    80 minutes

    Cleaning area per charge:
    150 sq.meter (1600 sq.feet)

    Moving Speed:
    20 cm/sec (8 inch/sec)

    Navigation Technology:
    LEGEE® V2.0

    Method of movement during cleaning:
    Building a room map, cleaning along parallel lines

    Brush speed:
    10 times/sec

    Water supply control:
    Precision dosing, microdrop spraying

    Trash capacity:
    500 mL

    Trash filter:
    Screen Filter + HEPA

    Water tank:
    320 ml

    Li-ion 2900mAh

    Definition of objects:
    5 laser sensors + bumper

    Height difference sensor (stage):
    2 laser sensors

    Automatic charging station

    Noise Level:
    62dB at 1m (3,3 inch)

    Dimension (LWH):
    340 x 330 x 95 mm (13,4 x 13 x 3,7 inch)

    Input Voltage:
    100~240V, 50~60Hz

    Adapter Output:
    19V / 1A, 19W



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