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YCR M07 20

iClebo Omega Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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  • iClebo Omega Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

    The super-intelligent robot iClebo Omega is the ultimate cleaning innovator. This robotic vacuum uses visual camera mapping and daily scheduled cleaning to automatically clean up your carpet, tile and hardwood floors while you relax on your couch. The 130-degree wide-angle smart mapping system thoroughly analyzes the space.
    Its intelligent smart technology knows how to find dirt and dust in some of the most difficult positions. It moves from room to room around the house, easily.

    IClebo Omega's feature multiple cleaning modes with 19 smart-sensing obstacle detection and jam-resistant sensors to increase efficiency plus deep corner cleaning algorithms for perfect corner cleaning.

    And this smart Robot Cleaner comes with a Wet Mopping function for tile or wood floors for the ultimate easy cleaning experience.

    iClebo Omega Robot Vacuum Cleaner / Wellbots

    Main Features

    -5-step cleaning system makes sure your home stays clean
    -The daily scheduled cleaning automatically powers itself on and cleans your space without your assistance
    -2 side brushes clean more in a single pass
    -19 smart obstacle detection sensors map out the entire space for efficient and thorough cleaning
    -A 3.5" slim design easily slide under sofas and beds
    -Features an adjustable climbing height of 19/32"
    - Microfiber washable mop pads picks up dirt and dust
    - An antibacterial HEPA filter picks up pet hair, dirt, dust and allergens
    - Built-in wall detectors mean you won't need external wall accessories or virtual adapters
    - Automatically heads to the charging station when battery is low
    - Touch panel display for easy operation
    - Auto mode cleans based on an algorithm navigation pattern
    - Spot mode cleans in a 3' radius in a zig-zag pattern
    - Rechargeable li-ion battery for easy maintenance
    - Takes 180 minutes to fully recharge
    - Runs for 80 minutes
    - Comes with an infrared remote to control your vacuum

    iClebo Omega Robot Vacuum Cleaner / Wellbots
    • iClebo Omega Robot Vacuum,
    • 1 Charging Station
    • 1 North American Adaptor Cord
    • 1 Remote Control (includes Batteries)
    • 1 Cleaning Brush, 1 HEPA Filter, 1 Side Brush
    • 1 Mop Plate, 2 Mop Pads, 1 Boundary Strip
    • User Manual
    • Quick Guid 

  • Dimensions:
    20 × 19 × 6 in

    Suction Type:
    Straight suction


    6 lbs

    Charge Time:
    3 hours

    Bag or Bagless:

    Battery Type:
    Lithium ion

    Filter Type:

    YCR M07 20 (White)
    YCR M07 10 (Gold)

    42532664 (white)