Hovo 620

Infinuvo Hovo 620 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

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The Infinuvo Hovo 620 is the latest robot vacuum cleaner to join the Infinuvo family. This 6th generation Infinuvo automatic vacuum cleaner features a new design providing a more powerful and efficient vacuuming process than previous models. One unique feature of the Infinuvo Hovo 620 is that it no longer uses a roller main brush, requiring less maintenance. Instead, it offers a wider vacuum entry to suck up any stray hairs or debris, as well as a mop pad to wipe anything it may have passed over. It also has a UV light to help disinfect your floors as it vacuums. Compared to previous models, the Infinuvo Hovo 620's docking process is much more smooth and reliable, automatically returning to its charging station when it detects it is running low on power. It is best suited for use on hardwood, linoleum, and tile floors.The Infinuvo Hovo 620 offers a great alternative to some of the more higher-end robot vacuum cleaners, while still offering a premium cleaning performance!

Smart Sensors

The Infinuvo Hovo 620is equipped with sensors that are able to detect when it is moving towards any obstacles, and will slow down or avoid bumping into the object altogether. It also has cliff sensors that prevent it from falling off drops or stairs.


Program It Any Way You Like

There are four different cleaning modes available for you to operate your Infinuvo Hovo 620: Automatic, Spot Cleaning, and Edge Cleaning. Automatic cleaning mode will it's surrounding area and adjust it's routine according to its surrounding environment; Spot cleaning mode will focus on cleaning a dirty area that you direct it to; Edge cleaning mode will clean along the edges of a room with its side brushes. If you like, you may also control where the Infinuvo Hovo 620 cleans by using the included remote or set up an automatic cleaning schedule for up to 7 days.


Main Features

  • Top-of-the-line features with stronger vacuuming power than previous generations
  • Dual filtration system, using both ultra fine filter and HEPA filter
  • Dual side-brushes for maximum coverage and better cleaning around corners and wells
  • Three cleaning modes: Automatic, Spot Cleaning, and Edge Cleaning
  • Automatically returns to charging base when battery is low
  • Cleaning schedule programmable up to 7 days
  • Remote control to start and stop cleaning, as well as control directions
  • Sensors to detect objects and drops
  • Easy to clean and wash dust bin
  • Mopping pad and UV light
  • Virtual blocker to create perimeter/boundaries


Click here to download Infinuvo Hovo 620 User Manual