InMotion P2/P2F Electric Bike Mini E-Bike

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  • InMotion P2/P2F Electric Bike Mini E-bike

    After a first successful e-bike called P1F, InMotion releases two new products : the P2 and P2F. Same great design and enhanced features will make this e-bike the smart partner you need for city commuting - even with long distances!

    Same great design for comfort and safety

    As their predecessor, P2 and P2F feature the original design of P series inspired by the shape of a swan. The mini size and the lightweight design allow you to carry the e-bike in the subway or the elevators with a single hand. Fold it and it will fit the tightest spaces.

    The e-bike is equipped with high performance Front and Rear Disc Brakes. For your night riding, dual headlights and auto brake light will ensure your safety.


    What's new compared to InMotion P1F?

    InMotion made a few improvements compared to the P1F :

    • The P2/P2F has two riding modes : powered and assisted. Pedals are between the two wheels in the P2/P2F and not on the front wheel anymore.
    • The handlebar is equipped with a new convenient control display module.
    • You can keep your P2/P2F safe thanks to the built-in safe lock.
    • The pressor sensor of the P2/P2F makes sure that the throttle speed control is not used by a child
    • Enhanced Battery Managing System for longer mileage (up to 180 km!)
    • The new app has more functions



    What are the differences between InMotion P2 and P2F?

    The only difference between the P2 and the P2F is in the battery specification. The battery is bigger on the P2F, resulting in a slightly heavier ebike but a milerange twice as big. Using the pedal addist mode on the P2F you can ride up to 180km (=112 miles) before running out of battery.


    Comparison Table

    P2 P2F P1F
    Expanded Dimension 1020*1050*480 mm 1020*1050*480 mm 900 x 945 x 480 mm
    Folded Dimension 1020*670*200 mm 1020*670*200 mm 900 x 650 x 200 mm
    Net Weight 17kg 19.9kg 14 kg
    Payload 120kg 120kg 120 kg
    Range (without pedal assist) 30km 80~100km 35-40 km
    Range (with pedal assist) 60~70km 160~180km No pedal assist
    Factory Default Speed 20km/h 20km/h 20km/h
    Max. Speed 30km/h 30km/h 30 km/h
    Max Slope 12° 12° 12°
    Tire Type Pneumatic Tire Pneumatic Tire Pneumatic Tire
    Tire Dimension 12 inches 12 inches 12 inches front - 10 rear
    IP Ratings IP54 IP54 IP54
    Power Ratings 350W 350W 350W
    Brake Type Double Disc Brakes Double Disc Brakes Double Disc Brakes
    Driving Mode 3 Gears 3 Gears -
    Learning Mode Support Support No learning mode
    Battery Specification 36V 7.8Ah 36V 23.2Ah 36V 8.7Ah
    Pressure Sensor Support Support No sensor



  • 1 x P2/P2F
    1 x User Manual
    1 x Charger

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