Intel Falcon 8+ Industrial Inspection Drone Bundle

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  • Intel Falcon 8+ Industrial Drone Bundle

    The Intel Falcon 8+ is a professional enterprise drone for industrial use. With a patented V-shaped design and best-in-class safety features this drone performs great in even the most challenging conditions. It handles high winds, weak GPS signals, magnetic field disturbances and other outside influences. Additional hardware redundancies ensure stability and responsiveness at all times during the flight.

    The Free Bonus Bundle includes, in addition to the regular package content:

    • 1 Intel Falcon 8+ Drone
    • 1 Intel Cockpit (controller)
    • 1 Backpack
    • 10 Propellers
    • 1 Gamepad
    • 10 Battery Chargers



    Intel Falcon 8 Plus Industrial Drone 

    Payload Options

    The Intel Falcon 8+ is capable of lifting heavy payloads, making it the perfect industrial drone for inspection and mapping missions. The patented V-shaped design provides the payload with a 180° unobstructed view (top to bottom).


    Intel Falcon 8 Plus Payload 

    Advanced Software

    The advanced Intel Mission Control software enables you to create 2D and 3D flight plans for your missions. Import KLM and Shapefiles and view multiple layers of airspace information. The software provides you with automated flight plan calculations, including automatic adaptive elevation terrain planning and pre-flight safety and system checks. After competing your mission the software lets you easily view and verify the data you captured.

    Intel Falcon 8+

    Product Features 

    • Advanced Flight Performance: Redundancy systems and a patented V-shaped design provide superior flight performance.
    • Professional Payload Options: The frame design of the drone provides your payload with a 180° unobstructed view.
    • Advanced Software: Prepare complex waypoint missions, automate flights, and save your camera settings to reproduce exact images for each mission.  



    • 1 Intel Falcon 8+ Drone
    • 3 Chargers
    • 3 Batteries 
    • 1 Gamepad
    • 1 Inspection 640 radiometric thermal payload
    • 6-Month Limited Warranty

      In addition, the giveaway bundle includes : 

    • 1 Intel Falcon 8+ Drone
    • 1 Intel Cockpit (controller)
    • 1 Backpack
    • 10 Propellers
    • 1 Gamepad
    • 10 Battery Chargers
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    32.2 x 6.3 x 30.2" 

    42.3 oz

    Flight Time:
    26 minutes per flight

    Maximum Takeoff Weight:
    6.2 lb 

    Maximum Horizontal Speed:
    40.3 mph (Manual & Height);
    22.4 mph (GPS)

    Maximum Ascent Speed:
    22.4 mph

    Maximum Descent Speed:
    22.4 mph

    Maximum Wind Resistance:
    35.8 mph

    Flight Ceiling:
    2.5 Miles

    GNSS Support:

    Maximum Operating Distance:
    .6 miles

    Memory Card Slot:
    Single Slot: microSD/microSDHC [16 GB Maximum]


    UPC: 00679856037968