IRIS IRISPen Air 7 Wireless Scanning Pen

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  • Wireless Text Scanning To Your Smartphone

    IRISPen Air 7 is a scanner pen that seamlessly scans text to your mobile device. Simply slide IRISPen over your text and it will automatically retype the text on your smartphone. Take IRISPen with you wherever you go. IRISPen is lightweight and compact enough so that you can carry it to work, school or your library.

    Of course, you can use IRISPen with a computer as well. It doesn't matter which text editor you use, IRISPen is compatible with any text editing program. The pen scanner also lets you scan images, signatures or small graphics to PDF.

    IRIS IRISPen Air is a pocket pen scanner for students and professionals. It works on any kind of paper documents. Simply slide it over text and it will retype the exact text on your computer.

    Translate and Read Foreign Languages

    IRISPen Air can do much more than simply retyping text on your computer. The scanner pen also features translation capabilities. Simply select the language you would like to translate and slide the pen over your text document. IRISPen will automatically translate the text for you.

    Thanks to a special IRIS technology the IRISPen can also read text in 130 different languages. Slide the scanner pen over a French, Chinese or Russian text and have IRISPen retype it for you on your smartphone or computer.

    IRIS IRISPen Air 7 translates over 50 languages

    Listen To Text With Smart Voice

    Slide IRISPen over your text and listen to the smart voice reading out the text that you scan. IRISPen features a special smart voice technology that reads out loud the scanned text. With IRISPen you can also easily scan foreign languages. It reads out loud more than 50 different languages.

    IRIS IRISPen Air 7 can read out text in 40 different langages

    • IRISPen Air 7 Wireless Scanning Pen
    • USB cable
    • Software for PC & Mac
    • Bluetooth Dongle ( for PC & MAC under LTE)
    • Activation number
    • Get started guide
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    1.4 x 1 x 5.5"

    1 oz

    Maximum Resolution:
    300 dpi (Optical)

    Image Sensor:
    1 x CMOS

    OS Support:
    Android, Windows, iOS, macOS/OS X

    1 x Rechargeable Lithium-Ion

    Limited 1-Year Warranty