Jabra ELITE Sport Earbuds

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  • Jabra ELITE Sport Earbuds



    Superior quality wireless sound & calls

    Jabra Elite Sport wireless earbuds feature superior sound quality for music and calls, and advanced wireless connectivity to ensure true performance. Our intuitive cord-free design includes two microphones in each bud that work together to filter out background noise ensuring that only your voice is heard clearly and with no distraction in every environment. Whether you’re jogging or working out at the gym, our cordless earbuds stay snugly in your ears while you’re in motion - ensuring you won’t miss a beat.



    All-day power

    Now with a battery that delivers 4.5 hours of play time, coupled with a portable charging case our wireless in-ear headphones give you 13.5 hours of power at your disposal.


    All-day comfort and secure fit

    Superior comfort and an always-reliable secure fit is delivered by customizable fitting options that enable all-day use and improve the quality of your sound experience. Our sport earbuds a secure fit no matter how vigorous your workout is, and you have the option to wear one or both buds depending on your activity.


    • Charging Case
    • Micro USB cable
    • 3 sets of Silicon EarGels, 3 sets of Foam EarGels, 3 sets of EarWings
    • Quick Start Guide, Warranty- and Warning Leaflets
  • Dimensions (H x W x D):
    L120 x W45 x H179 mm

    Earbuds 6.5g x2, charging case 67g

    Battery Life:
    Talk/Music time (with or without tracking) Up to 4.5 hours continuous play time

    3 year extended warranty against sweat damage (requires registration through the Jabra Sport Life app)