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Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station + FREE Carry Bag

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  • Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station + FREE Carry Bag

    A 518Wh lithium portable power station fuels Jackery Explorer 500. It is one of the smallest and most compact appliances on the market for rechargeable lithium batteries. The lightweight Jackery Explorer 500 is the size of a basketball and has a strong grip. The Jackery Explorer 500 is simple to transport, and its lightweight nature makes it a great companion for RV camping and long drives.
    The E500 is super durable and can endure frequent usage, making it suitable for leisure and recreational use. It is simple to bear, both its form and its ergonomic handle, and while it is broad, it has an appealing appearance.

    It consists of a black plastic surface with orange accents on the sides and fan shafts. There is an LCD monitor on the front. You can view the current charge speed, the power drain of any attached system, and the input voltage on the display screen. 

    Charge multiple devices simultaneously

    The Explorer 500 has several outlets and USB ports. Depending on the power connectors, you can attach several smaller devices simultaneously. This is also beneficial when a power loss or a natural disaster is happening. Anytime you need to charge multiple mobile devices concurrently, you can.  


    Works well in a range of temperatures

    The Explorer 500 will run comfortably between 32-104 degrees F (0-40 degrees Celsius), allowing it to resist heat on exceptionally hot days. It's important to find a compact power station that would work the heat gets extreme if you reside in a hotter place in the world.

    The Explorer also has low-power cooling fans that get charged to kick in. What's cool is that they are really quiet so that when you interact with nature or attempt to get a break from the sun, they will not interrupt the calm.


    Solar charging option

    Another amazing benefit is that you can charge it with solar panels. The perfect way to charge the energy station without burning any energy sources is to use the SolarSaga 90W foldable solar panel

    On a sunny day, a full charge takes around 10 hours.

    Compact & light

    It's very lightweight and thin. It's like a portable radio in terms of height. It's also pretty compact, weighing in at just under 14 lb., so easy to take in your bag with you. It also ensures that it can be quickly packed if you need to transfer or carry backup power during a natural disaster.

    Built-in LED and Screen

    There is an integrated LED flashlight on the side of this power station, which is ideal if you are wandering around late at night. 

    If you've ever used other handheld power stations to tell you how much energy is remaining within the tank, you must have seen a few small flashing lights? They are unbelievably ambiguous. The Explorer 500, though, shows you precisely what proportion of your battery is left, so you never get left in the darkness questioning when your laptop or TV is going to shut down.

    • 1 x Jackery Explorer 500
    • 1 x FREE Bag
    • 1 x Car Charger Cable
    • 2 x AC & AC Cable
    • 1 x User Manual
  • Capacity:

    518Wh (21.6V, 24Ah)


    13.32 lbs (6.04 kg)

    Cell Chemistry:

    Li-ion NMC 


    ≥500 cycles to 80%

    Management System:

    BMS, Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection

    Dimensions (LxWxD):

    11.8 x 7.6 x 9.2 in (30.1 x 19.3 x 24.2 cm)

    Operating Usage Temperature:

    14-104F (-10-40)


    FCC, ROHS, UN38.3


    24 Months