JOAN Executive 6" - Interactive Conference Room Scheduler

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  • JOAN Executive 6" - Interactive Conference Room Scheduler

    The JOAN Executive 6" is designed to allow you to organize and reserve your meeting spaces. The JOAN optimizes the way you meet by showing meeting information right where you need it, at the meeting room door. It enables you ton see if the room is occupied and until when, or view the meeting schedule. The best way to eliminate meeting interruptions and work without distractions.


    An easy-to-use touch screen to reserve your meeting room

    The JOAN Executive 6"'stouchscreendisplays the most important meeting details: room name, meeting name, time as well as room status indicated in black (in use) or white (vacant). You can either book your meeting room remotely or do it directly on the display itself.

    JOAN Executive was designed to be the simplest and most effortless solution for meeting room booking. Its cordless design, custom Magnetic Mount and an unparalleled battery life measured in weeks make JOAN the perfect fit for your workplace.


    Comparison JOAN Executive vs. JOAN Manager



    • Meet now: Walk up to the conference room and book an instant meeting directly on the JOAN display, provided that the room is not occupied.
    • Meet later: Book a meeting for later in the day directly at the conference room door. Instead of checking for vacancies in your online calendar, simply press “Meet later” and set the start and end time of your meeting.
    • Timetable: Pull up the meeting room schedule right at the conference room door. Press “Timetable” on JOAN’s display and take a look at the meetings coming up in real time.
    • End meetings early: By pressing X next to the meeting information when a meeting is in progress, you can end a meeting early and free up the room for someone else to use.
    • Cancel meetings: If you press X next to the meeting name for a meeting that’s coming up, you can cancel that meeting. That will delete it from the calendar and open a free timeslot.
    • Check into meeting: By pressing the checkmark next to the meeting information of the meeting coming up 5, 15 or 30 minutes before or after the start of the meeting, participants confirm that the meeting is actually taking place. Otherwise, the meeting is deleted from the calendar and the room frees up automatically for other people to use.
    • Joan’s Room Analytics: Weekly meeting insights to help you improve the way you meet and work. With no. of meetings, meetings hours, room utilization rates, meeting no-shows, weekly meeting patterns.
    • Warm Welcome Email: Welcome your meeting guests before they arrive. Send instructions on how to reach the office, who to call, and add a personal message or include your company branding.
  • Meeting Room Booking System: Meet Joan 01:31
    JOAN is the #1 Meeting Room Scheduling System when it comes to installation, ease of use and energy efficiency. Have a look at JOAN's unboxing and see what's included in the box: - 6-inch JOAN device (JOAN Manager or JOAN Executive) - Micro USB cable - Quick Start Guide - 1 Magnetic Mount for easy installation - Access to the JOAN Web Portal Plus, all required hardware, software, unlimited updates, upgrades and free lifetime support are included, as well as a one-year limited warranty. JOAN. #1 Meeting Room Scheduling System. Shows meeting room status and meeting information. Allows booking a room on the spot on its touchscreen or through your company calendar. No more confusion, interrupted meetings, double bookings, ghost meetings and the lot. Just powerful features. Joan meeting room booking solution Website: Say hello to Joan on social media and stay up to date with the latest tips and tricks: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Instagram:

  • 1x 6-inch JOAN device
    1x Micro-USB cable
    1x Quick Start Guide
    1x Magnetic Mount for easy installation
    1x Access to the JOAN Web Portal
    1x Access to Advanced Analytics
    14-day Free Cloud Subscription Trial
  • Warraty:
    1 Year Limited

    Display Type:
    Interactive E Ink electronic paper screen

    Display Size:
    6" (15.2 cm)

    Viewing Angle:

    Aspect Ratio:

    1024 x 758 pixels

    Active Area (H/W):
    3.57 × 4.82 in (90.581 × 122.368 mm)

    Pixel Pitch (H/W):
    0.005 × 0.005 in (0.1195 × 0.1195 mm); equivalent to 212 ppi

    Refresh Rate:
    750 ms (4-bit full screen) - 100 ms (1-bit partial)

    2.4 GHz Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n) standard

    WPA2-EAP support

    Battery Capacity:
    Lithium-polymer 5400 mAh

    Battery Charge Time:
    5-7 hours charging time with a micro-USB charger (output rating of 5 V, 1 A)

    Calendar Compatibility: G Suite (Google Apps): OAuth2 authentication Office 365: OAuth2 authentication (Global Admin), Basic authentication (Delegated User)

    Microsoft Exchange 2010 and 2013:
    NTLM proprietary authentication protocol iCalendar (.ics)

    Self-adhesive magnetic mount (no tools required) Compatible with a custom, anti-theft 6" secure wall mount (sold separately)

    Case Material:
    ABS with polycarbonate

    Operating Temperature:
    32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)

    Storage Temperature:
    32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C)

    6.1 x 0.5 x 4.9" (158.8 x 12 x 123.8 mm)

    Battery: 3.3 oz (92 g) With Back Magnet: 9.9 oz (281 g)