KING DISH Tailgater/KING Quest/KING Tailgater Tripod

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KING DISH Tailgater/KING Quest/KING Tailgater Tripod

A very convenient and portable tripod antenna, the KING Dish Tailgater allows you to take it anywhere. It elevates your KING Portable Satellite TV antenna – specifically your DISH® Tailgater®, DISH® Tailgater® Pro, KING Tailgater®, KING QuestTM, or KING One ProTM – to provide the best line of sight to the satellite while also protecting it from dampness on the ground. 

Very lightweight with only 4 pounds, the tripod folds up for compact storage and comes with a special carry case to flaunt your KING style. It is secured to the ground with three included ground pegs and has a large footprint for stability. 

A practical solution to add height to your RV, camper, or trailer without the need to permanently place your satellite TV antenna to the roof, the KING Tailgater Tripod is made from Nylon, and weather-resistant plastics & aluminum, thus making it ideal for outdoor purposes.


Item weight: 4 pounds

Dimensions: 40” H x 36” W (open with legs extended)

Material: Nylon, weather-resistant plastics & aluminum

For use with the following KING antenna models:

  • KING Tailgater Antenna
  • DISH Tailgater Pro Premium Antenna
  • DISH Quest for Bell TV (CANADA) and DISH (USA)
  • KING Quest Antenna
  • KING One Pro Premium Antenna


1x KING DISH Tailgater/KING Quest/KING Tailgater Tripod TR1000

1xNylon Carry Case with Handle and Shoulder Strap

3x Ground pegs

Warranty: 1 Year parts