KING Extend Go Multi-Use Portable Cellular Signal Booster

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KING Extend Go Multi-Use Portable Cellular Signal Booster

Be always connected inside your home or vehicle with the KING Extend Pro LTE Cellular Signal Booster KX2000. The latest cellular innovation from the KINGs is the KING Extend Pro, one of the most powerful boosters that help you work with an uninterrupted network connection.

The KING Extend Pro is one of the best cellular signal boosters available that supports all U.S cellular carriers and multiple users and devices. It also provides greater voice and data coverage with speed for all your mobile applications and is compatible with  5G Ready and 4G/3G LTE Voice and Data.

A hassle-free signal booster that is designed for RVs, trucks, travel trailers, ice houses, and horse trailers, the KING Extend Pro is definitely a handy device without any additional contract or monthly fees. Say goodbye to dropped calls and undelivered texts as the booster amps your talk, text, and data to a whole new level.


Width: 7.25 (in)

Height:10.25 (in)

Depth: 10.75 (in)

Compatibility: All U.S. cellular devices and carriers

Boosts Voice & Data Range

Use while parked or in-motion

Type: 5G Ready and 4G/3G LTE Voice and Data

Mounting Type: Roof/ Pole/ Ladder Mount

With Mounting Bracket: Yes

Use To Boost LTE/ Cell Phone Signal In RVs/ Truck/ Travel Trailer/ Ice House And Horse Trailer

No Additional contract and no monthly fee


1x KING Extend Pro LTE signal booster

1x Roof, pole, ladder-mounting brackets

1x Outdoor antenna with cable

1x Indoor antenna with cable

1x AC/DC Power supply