Letsfit IW1 Smartwatch

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  • Letsfit IW1 Smartwatch

    The IW1 is the newest smartwatch by Letsfit. It has an improved look compared to the previous models of Letsfit smartwatches and has new features to boast.

    The main thing worth noting is the SpO2 sensor that measures the level of oxygen in your body and informs you if you need to ease off your training or take a quick break.

    Track your sleep in more detail including deep, light, and even awake stages. This gives you the chance to understand graphical analyses of your sleep quality to help you develop a regular and healthier sleep pattern.

    All that while keeping track of your heart rate when exercising, resting, doing daily chores, sleep, and more! You will understand your body more and develop routines that would work for you.


    Do you often have trouble sleeping? Wish there’s something to help you track it and improve it?

    The IW1 has SpO2 sensor, where the watch is equipped with blood oxygen monitoring, it works side by side along with the heart rate monitoring.

    What it does is track your sleep patterns, how deep, light, or whenever you wake up so you can develop a regular and healthier sleeping pattern to help you sleep like a baby every night.


    Be able to track your routes through your mobile phone GPS connectivity together with your all-day activity such as steps, calories burned, distance, and more!

    It also tracks your heart rate and pair with your Letsfit app to analyze your health data better. The “14 inches makes it so much easier to control without needing to put out your phone.


    The improved design on the band features silicone straps. You can replace this with another color to match your styles. It also has a 2.5D tempered glass that adds more beauty to the sleek design. It also protects it from scratches & accidental bumps.


    Same with the IW1 predecessor, there is nothing that’s changed with the battery life and it still stands at 5-7 days.

    • 1 x Smart Watch
    • 1 x Charging Mount
    • 1 x User Manual

    Model: IW1

    Screen: 1.4“TFT LCD Screen

    Sensor: Tri-axis Acceleration Sensor

    Strap Material: TPU

    Battery Type: Li Battery

    Battery Capacity: 250mAh

    Battery Life: 5-7Days

    Standby Time: 30Days

    Water Resistance Rating: IP68

    Weight: 1.2oz(34g)