Letsfit Sleep Sound Machine T3

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  • Letsfit Sleep Sound Machine T3

    Do you want to enjoy a good night's sleep with 30 soothing sounds of your preference? The sleep sound machine T3 is here for you. This white noise machine offers touch control, ambient light, and a timer function to enhance your sleep. This is among the best-in-class sleep sound machines in the market right now.

    Sleep is a vital and important part of our daily lives. Therefore, any interruptions in a good night's sleep can have a harmful impact on your health and mental well-being. If you want to boost your psychological and physiological health, you need to get at least six to eight hours of refreshing and uninterrupted sleep every night. This is why you need the best sleep sound machine by your side to help create the perfect environment to enjoy a good night's sleep.

    You can get the sleep you deserve with a T3 sleep sound machine that will lull you to sleep in an instant. You will no longer have to toss and turn in your bed, waiting for the sleep fairy to take you into its embrace. You can enjoy maximum focus and productivity the next day after having a good night's sleep. Here are the topmost enticing features of the sleep sound machine. 

    30 Soothing Soundtracks

    This white noise machine comes with 30 soothing soundtracks that offer eight white noises, eight fan noises, four lullaby soundtracks, and ten natural sounds. If this isn't enough, you can also use the equalizer mode to customize any sound according to your personal preferences. Your machine will also remember your favorite noise and play it the next time you turn on the machine. 

    Relaxing Ambient Lights

    There are six different ambient lights in this sleep noise machine that will help you quickly fall asleep. You can also customize the default night light according to your preference, and you can adjust the brightness ratio to create a suitable environment in your bedroom. In addition to this, the intuitive touch control will also allow you to quickly turn on or off the ambient light in an instant. 

    Modern Touch Controls

    Gone are the days when you had to mess around with buttons to get your desired functionality. With this sleep noise machine, you can take advantage of intuitive touch controls and backlit buttons to help you quickly turn the volume up or down and change soundtracks without any problems.

    Focus-Oriented Sleep Noise Machine

    You can use this machine for many purposes, such as drowning out any environmental noises with soothing natural sounds. It will help you focus on your task at hand, and you can enjoy better concentration without any harmful sounds from your environment.

    Lightweight and compact

    This machine also offers a lightweight and compact design that will allow you to take this anywhere you want. You can easily pack this into your suitcase and take it around with you to enjoy a good night's sleep anywhere you want. You can take it to your office or on a road trip and enjoy maximum focus and a deep sleep cycle instantly.

    Timer and Memory Functionality

    This sleep noise machine also comes with a timer function that automatically turns off the machine once you have fallen asleep. You can set the timer up to 2 hours and conserve energy without any problems.

    The memory function also keeps track of the previously used soundtracks, volume level, and equalizer mode for your ease. Therefore, you will not have to constantly worry about resetting the functionalities every time you use this machine. It will automatically remember your favorite settings.

    • 1 x 5-meter Power Cord
    • 1 x White Noise Machine
    • 1 x User Manual

  •  Warranty:

    12 months





    Number of Sounds:


    Audio Output:


    Type of Light:

    Ring light/Ambient light

    Timer Mode:

    15/30/60/90/120 minutes

    Output Voltage:

    DC 5V/1A

    Output Connector:

    3.5mm audio connector

    Working Temperature:

    –10°C to 50°C

    Working Humidity:

    20% to 90%; non-condensing


    101 x 101 x51mm






    15.52 Ounces