Letsfit ID205L Smart Watch

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  • Letsfit ID205L Smart Watch

    Stay fit and healthy with precise monitoring and understanding of your workout regimen and sleep patterns LetsFit smartwatch is designed to cater to the needs of fitness freaks and health enthusiasts with a whopping 10-day usage time on a single 3 hours charge, a perfect workout accessory

    LetsFit Smartwatch is loaded with functional features that cater to the unique interests of everyone attempting to stay fit. Every move you make is monitored be it running or walking or relaxing. The unobtrusive heart-rate monitor is always beating on your wrist even as it displays the duration of your workout and calories burnt. Listen to your favourite music and stay updated on social media. And what more? Set your goals and sweat it out to reach them and reap rewards. Smartly designed to customize your needs, LetsFit Smartwatch lets you set a target and relentlessly monitors to help reach your goal. It even rewards you with a medal for that extra effort.

    240 hrs battery life

    The USP of LetsFit Smartwatch is its ever-lasting battery life. A single charge of 3 hours and this smartwatch last for 10 days usage and has a 30-40 days standby time, outshines other smartwatches currently available in the market. The next time you step out on a 10day trip you can travel with one less charging cable.

    24 hr unobtrusive tracking

    Relax, Run, Walk, Sleep – Smartwatch matches every step for a better understanding of your routine and helps analyze what can be improved for a healthier lifestyle. While you sleep peacefully after a busy day LetsFit Smartwatch continues to track your heart rate for light and deep sleep. A good rest is essential for a reinvigorating start the next day and this smartwatch helps analyze if your body is getting enough rest day-after-day.

    Set goals with medals

    Be your boss. Set realistic targets in your regular runs and other workouts. With accurate monitoring, Smartwatch gives you that extra push to achieve your goals. You are awarded medals for your efforts. A very encouraging gift for beginners and regulars who are bored with the routine run.

    Sweat it out

    Designed to withstand rigorous workout habits of gym enthusiasts, this smartwatch is water-resistant.

    Stay connected

    Add a dash of jazz to lighten up toughest workout regimes. Listen to peppy beats of your favourite band as you set new targets for your morning run. Stay updated with the latest trends and hashtags as the smartwatch is equipped with call and SNS notifications. Tweet your progress or facetime your family for a quick update about neighborhood even as you jog, right from your wrist.

    • 1 X Lithium Polymer Battery
    • 1 x LetsFit SMART WATCH
  • Warranty
    1 year; Eligible for extended warranty


    7 color variants – Pink, Green, Purple, Emerald, Dark Blue, Black, Grey

    Suitable Wrist Sizes
    5.4 – 7.6 inches

    Bluetooth Version

    Bluetooth Connection Distance
    10 Meters (33 Feet)

    Screen Type
    TFD LCD Color Screen

    TPU (Strap)

    Suitable Wrist Sizes
    5.4 -7.6 inches

    Battery Type
    Li Battery (included)

    Battery Capacity

    Working Voltage

    Working Temperature
    -20°C to 60°C

    Working Time
    10+ days

    Waterproof Rating