M200-PART11-TB55 Battery for M200 bundles only

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  • M200 PART 11- TB55 Battery for M200 bundles only

    The M200 Part 11 TB55 Battery for M200 Bundles is a single battery that is compatible with the Matrice 200 Series. With this battery pack, you can get up to 35 minutes in flight time. It comes in a black color. This battery pack weighs less than two pounds, making it easy to lift when inserting it in and our of your drone device. 


    Efficiency. Convenience. 

    This battery pack is compact and easy to insert into your drone. Within seconds of insertion, you will be on your way to flying your device. This battery has a maximum power of 180W and the battery type is LiPo 6S. 

    Image result for DJI Matrice 200 - Part11 TB55 M200 Intelligent Flight Battery 

    • 1 x M200-PART11-TB55 Battery for M200 bundles only

  • Battery Type:
    LiPo 6S


    Battery Electric Power
    7660 mAH 


    Max Power: