Makeblock mBot Entry-Level Programmable Robot Kit

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  • Enjoy the hands-on and fun experience of programming your mBot

    mBot is an all-in-one robot for kids to learn the basis of programming while having fun. The mBot is very easy to assemble and provides infinite possibilities to develop STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) skills.

    The mBot contains 38 components that can be easily assemble in 10 minutes. Its RJ25 ports allows a more convenient wiring. Kids can spend more time on programming and creativity with this new mBot V1.1 upgraded version.



    Graphical Programming

    mBot programming software is based on Scratch 2.0 and uses drag-and-drop graphical programming for a faster and more intuitive learning. Developing your mBot's code enhances your robot's functions and abilities. Online manuals are available for teachers, parents or children to better get started. Online courses are also available on the platform and regularly updated by scratch teachers.

    More options for more fun

    The various-basic pre-assembled options such as obstacle-avoidance car, line-following vehicle or remote control car allow you to play multiple different games like balloon bursting game, soccer playing or even sumo combat! You can also purchase more Add-on Packs to keep enhancing your robot possibilities such as the Six-legged add-on, the Servo pack add-on or the Interactive Light & Sound add-on.


    mBot Add-on Pack Interactive Light & Sound


    mBot Add-on Pack- Servo Pack


    mBot Add-on Pack- Six-legged Robot


  • mBot Robot Kit - One Robot Per Child 01:26
    mBot is the best friend of kids, its high extensibility allows them to explore more in the robotic,electronic and programing world, the joy of achievement can be huge and irreplaceable on their ways to grow up. Videos up every Friday. Thumbs up and hit the subscribe button, @Makeblock on other social channels. More at:

  • 1 × Chassis
    1 × Bluetooth Module
    1 × Me Line-follower Sensor
    1 × AA Battery Holder
    1 × mCore Case
    1 × Lithium Battery Shell
    1 × Line-follower Map
    2 × Wheel
    1 × Mini Wheel
    2 × RJ25 Cable
    2 × Velcro Sticker Pad
    1 × Screwdriver
    4 × M4x25mm Brass Stud
    1 × USB Cable
    15 × M4x8mm Screw
    4 × M2.2x9mm Self-drilling Screw
    8 × M3 Nut
    6 × M3x25mm Screw
    2 × Motor
    1 × mCore
    1 × Me Ultrasonic Sensor
    1 × IR Controller(gift)
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    Software and programming:
    mBlock(graphical) Mac, Windows, iPad mBlocky

    Light Sensor, Button, IR Receiver, Me Ultrasonic Sensor, Me Line-follower Sensor

    Buzzer, RGB LED, IR Transmitter, two motor ,ports

    Based on Arduino Uno

    3.7V Lithium battery(charger on board) or four 1.5V AA batteries (not included)

    Wireless Communication:
    Bluetooth(Bluetooth Version)

    Blue or Pink

    17 x 13 x 9 cm assembled

    1034g assembled

    Individual users of family

    Host computer:
    Support Bluetooth

    Bluetooth Pairing

    Driver needed:


    Wireless connection with smartphones, tablets, and PCs with Bluetooth capability

    Apple? device:
    1) iOS 9 or above 2) Bluetooth?4.0 or above *exclude iPad?1, iPad?2, iPhone?4 or below

    Android? device:
    1) Android?4.3 or above 2) Bluetooth?2.0 or above

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